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24 Apr 2010 at 11:59

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Treasure hunt
Biohazard (for rather sucky tileset), Haze (for music)
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SEGem.j2l Gem Machine 8.63 kB 24 Apr 2010
Biocorridor 126.j2t BioCorridor 1.26 217.09 kB 19 Mar 2007 Ush Overdrive 442.65 kB 09 Mar 2007


If you were searching for the most campy Treasure Hunt ever, you’ve just found it!

This thing is my tryout level for XLM and is not very typical. It doesn’t need JJ2+ to work, but I strongly recommend it anyway. I don’t have an idea how the gameplay looks, so I expect it’s horrible and probably I will be forced to make a better tryout. Why are you still reading this chaotically writen thing? Shouldn’t you download the level and play? It will tell you more than this stupid description.


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Review by Ktos.

28 Apr 2010, 17:46 (edited 28 Apr 10, 21:30)
Bee Boy Swarm (33 Points)
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Actually, i wouldn’t even get intrested in this level. Treasure is not often played gamemode in jj2, and in my opinion its bad. It can be pretty intresting sometimes, but not in original maps(which sucks), only in some maps created by jj2 players (there aren’t many of them, mostly people enjoys making ctfs or battle maps[or maps for some random gamemodes]) it can be really fun. One of most original gamemodes has been forgotten.
When I joined a server with this level… Well, first I was a bit suprised that it’s not a survivor or sth like that, but a normal treasure level. I started to play, just because I was feeling bored. Then I changed my opinion about treasure a bit, it can be really fun if level is good enough.
This level is better for bigger games. Level is looking good, but sometimes eyecandy is poor. Seeks are not overpowered(as it was in original treasure levels), there is only one seek pu and not much ammo for it. There is also toaster pu, bounce pu, electro blaster pu, blaster pu, gun8 pu, ice pu and rf pu in the level… Isn’t that a bit too much? I wouldn’t get suprised if I will discover TNT pu in the level.
I have found a coin warp in which you need to pay 100 coins to get into it. Well, what do I can say about it? I couldn’t get into warp, because of too big price. In one game it would be surely finished before anyone could get that many coins. Also i don’t understand what do this coin warp do…
Level is intresting, but I have joined this level on server after game was started, so gems lost by players were everywhere… Now, when im looking on this leveI have got a bit suprised, there is only one place with regenerating gems where you can get, hard to wonder – gems. A bit strange idea, in my opinion you could put long time respawning green gems… Of course it’s logically, that at the beggining most players are camping only in this place, and that wouldn’t be so bad… But it is. It is because the end area is in the same place, where the gems are respawning. So if you prefer to stay and camp for gems, this map is for you. Im not really sure is making something like that a good idea, you can easily fall down from that position, and then it can be hard to get into up again. And it works… Players are not camping, mostly they are fighting in the lower part of the level.
Some things shouldn’t be placed on level like that, for example Bird Morph. I don’t understand what’s the reason for putting it into multiplayer level. It’s just stupid for me. By the way, what does trigger crates add in this level? I couldn’t find out what has been changed after I destroyed a crate.
Finally, what about the level in general? Sometimes poor eyecandy(but nice looking background), only the “gem machine” is looking good, too much power-ups, strange coin warp, strange idea about putting bird morph into level, but also nice gameplay, not bad ammo placement, some guns(like seeks) are not overpowered… It’s nice, big level. I have found some bugs(near the coin warp I could stand on the wall[or near something else, I can’t remember]), but at last this level is not bad. I think that it can be really bad for smaller games(with 4 players it can be only about camping near “gem machine”), but when there are 12 or more players in the map then it’s really nice and funny to play. But it could be better…

Edit: Now i know what does this coin warp do, when you will go into it you can carrot, which makes you immortal for some seconds(it was probably called invisibility carrot in jcs, but im not sure about that). Also, I know what does trigger crates do. When you will destroy all of them sometimes in the place of RF or Seeks you can get shield(maybe, that didn’t happened to me, but autor of this level explained me how is it working, I didn’t checked it). Good that those events have got their destination then.

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