Mission Spaz: Foreseeable Future

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11 May 2010 at 21:45 (Minor update on 3 Jun 2010)

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Newspaz (More uploads by Newspaz)
JJ1 Level
Tested by: cooba, Doubble Dutch, Ins0mnia

File contents

LEVEL0.000 CARROTUS LEVEL ONE 28.04 kB 05 May 2010
LEVEL1.000 CARROTUS LEVEL TWO 29.83 kB 05 May 2010
LEVEL0.001 CASTLE LEVEL ONE 25.31 kB 05 May 2010
LEVEL1.001 CASTLE LEVEL TWO 20.31 kB 05 May 2010
LEVEL0.002 DESOLATUS LEVEL ONE 23.32 kB 08 May 2010
LEVEL1.002 DESOLATUS LEVEL TWO 30.31 kB 05 May 2010
BLOCKS.000 CARROTUS 186.89 kB 13 Aug 2009
BLOCKS.001 CASTLE 202.25 kB 10 Aug 2009
BLOCKS.002 DESOLATUS 189.29 kB 29 Dec 2009
PLANET.000 CARROTUS 4.20 kB 27 Apr 2009
PLANET.001 CASTLE 4.20 kB 13 Aug 2009
PLANET.002 DESOLATUS 4.20 kB 06 Feb 2010
SONG11.PSM 32.05 kB 30 Jun 1994
SONG12.PSM ush (maxi re-mix) 102.38 kB 30 Jun 1994
SONG7.PSM 73.33 kB 30 Jul 1994
BONUS2.000 54.20 kB 27 Mar 2010
BONUS3.000 40.51 kB 04 Apr 2010
BONUSMAP.000 5.36 kB 27 Mar 2010
BONUSY.000 39.82 kB 27 Mar 2010
SPRITES.000 43.77 kB 01 May 2009
BONUSMAP.001 5.42 kB 28 Mar 2010
SPRITES.001 32.15 kB 10 Aug 2009
BONUSMAP.002 5.54 kB 05 Apr 2010
SPRITES.002 28.85 kB 29 Dec 2009


This is the first episode of Mission Spaz.

It’s just after Jazz saved the rabbit universe and his bride from Devan Shell. As Jazz parks his spacecraft on Carrotus he hears a radio message coming in about the loss of a Spaz Slackrabbit. Jazz fears he might have to solve yet another abduction, so he doesn’t waste a second and begins his search.

Please use the official Jazz Jackrabbit and Dosbox to play these levels. Compatibility with other Jazz Jackrabbit versions is not guaranteed.

— Should now work with the shareware version as well —


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.7

Recommendedsnzspeed rated 9.0

This was kind of amazing. the possibilities of editing jj1 seem to be sort of endless..

Narsist rated N/A

Yes, it’s good.
I can enter Castle but I can’t pas…

[Please don’t rate packs that you haven’t played till the end. Original rating 7.0. ~cooba]

RecommendedMilloCz rated 10.0

Why the hell can’t you just ONCE give perfect creator perfect rating ?

[Don’t insult the other reviewers please ~cooba]

marinata_1997 rated 10.0

Very,very goooooooooooooooooooooood level pack?

cake137 rated N/A

how do i play this level it has no .exe file?

[Please don’t rate levels you didn’t play.]

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.3

RecommendedReview by Doubble Dutch

26 May 2010, 03:46
CTF Bug (3 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings3 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness90%

A very good levelpack, and the first for JJ1. The first two worlds were very well done, despite being conversions of JJ2 tilesets. While having a definite JJ2 atmosphere, the tiles used and their manipulation definitely gives a unique feel to the levels that is not quite here nor there.

The bonus levels were a nice touch. Though simple and quickly designed they increase in difficulty very closely to that of the original Jazz bonus levels and have a similar air about them.

The biggest flaw would have to be the last world, which seems slightly out of place, being easier than the previous one (And not quite related to it either.) There are also a few small tile and event errors (Such as lack of sound for green springs.) that seem a bit odd. It also could have used an ending screen.

All in all a very good effort and a groundbreaker.

3 of 4 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by PT32

11 Jun 2010, 22:52 (edited 11 Jun 10, 22:55)
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

To be perfectly honest, when I saw this in the level list for the first time, I would have never predicted this pack to be the next Upload of the Month.
After a week of curious pondering, I finally downloaded it and was hooked from Level 1.
First off, it has AMAZING graphics. The first [and it certainly won’t be the last] in the category of true “custom” JJ1 levels, it uses the tilesets of Carrotus, Castle and BlurredD’s Desolation. Get that. JJ1 uses JJ2 tilesets. Kind of a switch, huh?
But that’s not all.
Newspaz takes this yet another step further, adding his own baddies and events, even two custom BONUS levels, now made possible by his equally innovative new J1E modification. I was pretty miffed by the cannon baddie in Castle, but even that was a marvelous leap in Jazz history. Custom music is used too, but that’s sadly limited to JJ1 songs specifically. Too bad.
There were just a few small things to be desired, however. For one thing, the levels all seemed quite a bit harder than to be expected. If Evilmike’s Jazz2 levels were the standard for difficultyin that game, then Newspaz’s JJ1 levels are the second game’s counterpart. One or two sections in Carrotus seemed looped, particularly the part with the many waterfalls. I was equally disappointed by the utter lack of a custom end boss, even an end boss period. That would’ve been icing on the cake, although it hardly affects the grandeur of this pack.
Buggage was also surprisingly clean, although maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised, since Jazz1 had far less glitches than its successor.
All in all, once I had finished playing through the whole pack, my doubts to the validity of Mission Spaz’s claim to DL of the Month were immediately wiped away. Nothing could be closer to the truth: That Newspaz’s rockin’ new release is quite possibly definitely the most revolutionary set of kilobytes posted yet on J2O. Download today, with my hearty recommendations.

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Review by Roblomal

23 Jun 2010, 12:59
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

How to open the file? ( I have the Editor but it opens thing with bad tile sets )

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Review by FOX292

26 Jun 2010, 20:45
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness54%

There is a critical bug on this episode, when i reach the forth level, JJ1 just crash…. why?

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