Weird Pipes

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28 Jun 2010 at 23:50 (Minor update on 29 Jun 2010)

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Dodges. (More uploads by Dodges.)
tropiCCo, Ktos, DarkLight
Weird (49.14 kB)

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WPExample.j2l Weird Pipes - Battle 3.34 kB 29 Jun 2010
WPExample2.j2l Weird Pipes - Battle 3.78 kB 29 Jun 2010
Weird Pipes.j2t Weird Pipes 49.21 kB 28 Jun 2010


My second MS-Painty production. I hope You like it.

Music file (needs JJ2+):

Edit: Second example level added. [Another style]


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Quick Reviews Average: 6.3

Steven(HsC) rated 7


RecommendedNarsist rated 8

Wow! Finally a new tileset.
I downloaded it and I can say, this tileset very useful.
Some colors so harmonic with each other.
And so sweet ^^
I want use it!
And: Music needs JJ2+.


DR ** Yes

[I already rated the tileset only. ~Narsist]

Not recommendedFawFul rated 5.5

Agreed with coob. hardly any possibilities can be done with this set. it has nothing else but colored pipes, so you can only have variety in color, that is way too boring and minimum for a levelmaker. But i guess a player would recognize a level only for it’s backgrounds fade aswell. No/DR since it looks like you didn’t try too hard. Fastly done.

Not recommendedcooba rated 5.5

Weird Pipes, as the name says, is comprised of multicolored pipes that form solid platforms and non-solid eyecandy. Unfortunately, that’s all that there is, which makes the set boring. You can’t make a good background, you can’t use the pipes in any creative way other than making patterns in the platforms, the palette events suck. Disrecommended.

RecommendedStarLORD rated 3.7

some harmonic colors i founded wow
so i will no rate the level.
because i read the rules and i don’t rate bad.
also tileset nice but some harmonic tiles has :S

RecommendedZoro rated 8

Strange style, but i like it
Starlord? 3,7 with DR!? WTF!?

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Review by Seren

29 Jun 2010, 20:54
Bee Boy Swarm (47 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings14 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness76%

@tropiCCo: I’d only like to notice that those tilesets are from 2004 and 2000. And personally, I like the one from 2004 more than WP. Also, if you’re thinking this way, why are you giving it more than Heaven or Egypt got? Do you believe it’s the best tileset on J2O?

I’m not going to review since I know I shouldn’t.

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