TP2001 Levels Pack 2.0.1

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4 Jul 2010 at 23:11 (Minor update on 4 Aug 2012)

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TP2001 Levels Pack.txt 2.93 kB 04 Aug 2012
TP2001 B01.j2l Battle 13.06 kB 16 Jul 2012
TP2001 B02.j2l Blocktopia 7.28 kB 16 Jul 2012
TP2001 B03.j2l The Fortress 17.02 kB 16 Jul 2012
TP2001 B04.j2l Matrix...almost... 3.81 kB 16 Jul 2012
TP2001 B05.j2l JJ2 Diamond Edition 11.45 kB 16 Jul 2012
TP2001 B06.j2l Memphis 18.52 kB 16 Jul 2012
TP2001 CTF01.j2l Radioactive Mushrooms 10.98 kB 16 Jul 2012
TP2001 CTF01a.j2l Smoorhsum Evitcaoidar 5.89 kB 16 Jul 2012
TP2001 DOM01.j2l StarGate 42.04 kB 26 Nov 2010
TP2001 JB01.j2l DeepForest 21.30 kB 26 Nov 2010
TP2001 T01.j2l Treasure Hunt 12.18 kB 12 Jul 2012
TP2001 T02.j2l Spring Race 20.94 kB 04 Aug 2012
Diamondus V.j2t Diamondus V 52.42 kB 19 Mar 2007
Easter99.j2t Easter99 201.20 kB 20 Jul 2010
Evergreen.j2t Evergreen Gardens 56.11 kB 17 Feb 2008
prismaticpalace.j2t LMAT: Prismatic Palace 99.75 kB 02 Jan 2010
Slimy LandA.j2t Slimy LandA 194.73 kB 04 Jun 2002
Win_98_Redesigned.j2t Win 98 Redesigned 45.73 kB 31 Mar 2009
TP2001 CTF01.rwmacro 0.02 kB 19 Feb 2011
TP2001 DOM01.rwmacro 0.16 kB 02 Oct 2010
TP2001 JB01.rwmacro 0.08 kB 02 Jul 2010
TP2001 T02.rwmacro 0.08 kB 12 Jul 2012
JCS.ini 21.15 kB 03 Dec 2010


Collection of 11 levels – battle, treasure hunt, domination, jailbreak, bank robbery (with test); they are pretty huge with large amount of narrow corridors, obstacles, mini-tests, no-fire-zones, etc; please especially rate my new level TP2001 T02 “Spring Race”.

Music can be downloaded from:


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.8

Loon rated 7.2

I saw most of this levels online.., but all these levels are really big. I wont review long :p, I don’t have time for it.

Longer review soon, with the final rating!

RecommendedRedComputer rated 10

Must rated in fetured!!!!

RecommendedFabiAN[NC] rated 9.2

slimy land was always one of my favorites

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.2

RecommendedReview by StarLORD

5 Jul 2010, 07:57 (edited 8 Aug 10, 14:37)
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness15%
I’m very impressed about these larges levels and i wanna to review:


All levels are ammazing,a lots of eyecandies,cool layouts,great backgrounds, i don’t have words to do in this senction because is awesome good.


These levels are really large (what you said).I really like biggiest levels which are good in hosting servers.Lrs, maybe streetfight and other custom games.

Ammo placement:

The ammo placement was ok,i don’t have meet any problem at this senction.


In all levels i founded a lots of pickups,pu seekers,rf,bouncer,fast fire, etc.This is very fun when refferendone at hosting and fun in online servers. I can pick the powers ups very fast but they can be found hard (in some times).


Some sevveral bugs made me to be stucked.


I’ve got some pennalties because the bugs are not too good.

Final rating:

The final rating is 8.2 with download recommandation because these levels are really ammazing.I have to ask something:In how many days you made this? I bet 5 dayso or maybe 1 week. So i let you to download this now. If you dislike this,don’t download it.


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Review by RedMser

7 Jul 2010, 13:08
CTF Bug (3 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings3 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness33%

You need to upload the tileset Easter for 1.23 players…

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