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25 Jul 2010 at 20:44 (Minor update on 26 Jul 2010)

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bestALEX4u (More uploads by bestALEX4u)
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Two (823.84 kB)

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Two Hotels.j2l Two Hotels,One Designer 3.03 kB 13 Jul 2010
HotelD Rhotel.j2t HotelD Rhotel 258.09 kB 03 Apr 2008
drq_heat.xm h e a t w a v e 1069.74 kB 05 Feb 2010


Get a life nb

Sorry for Re-Upload XD


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Quick Reviews Average: 3.3

RecommendedMilloCz rated 5.5

Good, but on “up” side – there should be more stuff.
Then another bad, it is little :/

KiMO rated 4.2

Well as I said in your previous upload (which now it’s no longer available), this level can be fun only for the ‘instagib LRS’ players and nothing more.

Not recommendedMicky rated 2.5

i dislike this :(

Not recommendedmiratoto rated 1

this file with password how can i open it?and i do not have the password!
this file is so bad. i do not know are two hotels is nice or bad. can you tall me it to tall you nice or bad

thank for reading my review well

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Review by StarLORD

26 Jul 2010, 08:13 (edited 3 Aug 10, 19:31)
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness15%
This was realy approved for fun and instagib lrs fights.So i’ll make an a long review with all words and things about this level. EYECANDY-MM good for your choice, this eyecandy is better than GB house’s. Then those layers are not too harmonic and tiles too. GAMEPLAY-Good gameplay and i don’t words to do in this category about the level. BUGS DISCOVERED-This map contains some tile-bugs and bugs where i can stuck with /wb on which here isn’t available this :P. FINAL CONCLUSIONS-In general,this level is for hosting in lrs instagib games and for no fire zone.This is an a exception that i would not recommend this,due the certains bugs appears in the level and due the layers :P. I’ll give a 5 for starting in making opposive levels. Well,I don’t reported it to admins and+ he insult in uploading everybody and why insulting me? ~StarLORD!

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