Infinite race by Andreea NC

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22 Sep 2010 at 18:33

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andreea1996 (More uploads by andreea1996)
Infinite (325.25 kB)

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Infinite race.j2l Infinite race by andreea NC 11.83 kB 22 Sep 2010
Top secret.j2t Top secret ][ 95.97 kB 11 Sep 2010
End.s3m Chariots Of Fire 445.08 kB 19 Sep 2010


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Quick Reviews Average: 2.6

Kat[HM] rated N/A

Lol, it is not infinfinite but it is a very very big race.


KiMO rated 3.0

Not even infinite. But hey, because of the music.

Not recommendedM y l e s rated N/A

May not be infinite, but then again, NC members get ratings from me higher than 5!

[Biased rating (7.0) clearance. ~cooba]

Micky rated 7.0

hey Kat :D

nice race, but big lvl xD

Not recommendedSPAZ18 rated 1.0

I agree with TreyLina. All this is, is just one LONG BORING race through SEVERAL one tile high, 993 tile wide gaps over 100 times! It’s not infinite but it takes FOREVER to complete. No, I did not run through the whole level. I JJFLY’d through the whole thing. Why anyone would ever want to race in a level like this is beyond me.


Not recommendedXpeedo rated 1.0

don’t like

Not recommendedaritra1115 rated 1.0

Lol. Must say that there are lvls which are bad but idk what to say ‘bout this one :/.

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Not recommendedReview by TreyLina

26 Sep 2010, 20:09 (edited 1 Oct 13, 18:16)
Bee Boy Swarm (45 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings27 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness62%

Looks like someone had waaay too much time on their hands for sure. Anyone can make a level like this. It takes being extremely bored in JCS.

In a nutshell, this level is pretty much running in one path, holding the right/left arrow key for a long time, and wondering why the heck are you wasting your time playing this. I did not play all through this, but I cheated with jjfly and jjnowall and there is nothing else to see whatsoever.

You know what I’m going to say here. All toaster toas- I mean don’t bother downloading this.

EDIT: Okay I’m going to take off some of the stuff I said off my review since it probably sounded too much like a personal attack, although my point still stands.

EDIT 2: More comments taken off that might appear as personal.

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