The Queen's Tower

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25 Sep 2010 at 00:43 (Minor update on 29 Dec 2017)

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Re-upload/Edit Level
Kiranger (More uploads by Kiranger)
Single player
Levels by Kiranger. Tilesets by Birdie and GrèéñKïllër? Music (Part 1) from Donkey Kong Country. Music (Part 2) by x-ceed. Music (Part 3) by David K Newton

File contents

Extra.j2l Insane Difficulty 2.34 kB 19 Nov 2010
TQT (Part 1).j2l The Queen's Tower 54.80 kB 26 Nov 2010
TQT (Part 2).j2l Kill The Queen 1.09 kB 30 Sep 2010
TQT (Part 3).j2l Find Devan 4.58 kB 19 Nov 2010
Colosal.j2t Colosal 60.42 kB 16 Feb 2006
HocusPocusEP1.j2t HocusPocusEP1 123.00 kB 17 Oct 2004
Xargon Diurnal.j2t Xargon (Diurnal) 106.18 kB 26 May 2004
The Chase.mod the chase 431.94 kB 23 Oct 2007
Oil Drum Alley.IT Oil Drum Alley 281.64 kB 04 Apr 2002
Welcome to the Welcome to the Machine 899.56 kB 24 Apr 2009
3 Founders.xm 3 Founders 8.92 kB 04 Mar 2002
The Queen's Tower.JPG 471.46 kB 25 Sep 2010


Collect 600 coins and get to the top of the tower.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.2

RecommendedSeren rated 8.7

I just finished it but since it took me much more time than I expected, I can’t fully review at the moment. I hope to write a real review for it soon, it deserves it. The main issues are:
  • artificial ways to extend the game time
  • not much creativity
  • despite what you say, a bit too low difficulty level
  • only one kind of food and ammo

RecommendedKiMO rated 10.0

I don’t know how, but I think this level is the best one I have ever seen on JJ2. It has everything.

RecommendedPrimpy rated 9.0

In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.
Jokes aside, it’s a very challenging and fun level.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.1

RecommendedReview by Ischa

25 Sep 2010, 12:33 (edited 16 Oct 10, 21:35)
Spaz Slackrabbit (108 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings102 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness31%

Rating The Queen’s Tower

To start:
The discription says it already. It’s a “huge level with ridiculous gameplay time and high difficulty.” Exactly! But there are some problems and one of them is the horrible music choice (see ATTENTION).

Eyecandy: (20 pts)
Layer 4 is decorated with nice and variable walls. Background layers 5, 6 and 7 however looks pretty unused until you reach top of tower. Once you reach top, you can see stars and moons in the sky. But when you are still down, the background is very boring with just a sky. There is no foreground, so I won’t count this for the eyecandy rating. Path is 17 and background is 9, making an average of 13.
Result: 13 pts

Gameplay: (20 pts)
The game contains two levels. The first level is a humongous tower level. And you might already guess it, you have to reach the chamber at the top. There Devan Shell awaits you with a robot boss. Well, this level is long and VERY VERY HARD. A real challenge which is only doable for the best JJ2-players! I play JJ2 for twelve years now and I was not able to get to the top without cheating! Because I cheated I know there are stars in the highest chambers which serve as warps. Also: you have to collect 600 coins into this stage to reach the highest chamber. If you have collected 200, you can get through the coin warp, but you need a total of 400 more for the next two coin warps or else you’ll die (those two rooms are above a pool of lava). This level is a real challenge, even with invincibility, because it takes a very long time before you finally collected 600 coins! But if you die while you are on your way to the coin warp with your 600 coins, you have to start ALL OVER AGAIN! Very frustrating of course. Also; I don’t think you’ve chosen a good boss. You can see it as the Queen’s guard, but I think Bilsy, Bubba or the Tuf Schwartzenguard are better guards for a castle tower level than a robot. For the rest this level is amazing. The second level however is very simple. It’s a looooooong fight against the Queen! I think it was better if it was a bit shorter. The second level is boring.
Result: 14 pts (changed later, see UPDATE!)

Story: (10 pts)
There is no story. So this factor does not count your rating.
Result: N/A

Obstacle placement: (20 pts)
As I said earlier, this pack is really hard and only doable for the best JJ2-players! Not something to do if you are a starter! I said it can be very frustrating if you die when you already have collected lots of coins, so here is a hint for you. Create an easier version with less coins and obstacles for players which have less experience! And however the second level is boring, the obstacles are good placed there! With enemies to make it harder. The only things which could’ve been better, were the spikes the Queen could yell you on. Later in the fight this will not happen anymore, making the fight a bit easier. Kinda disappointing, but it’s still a tough fight!
Result: 15 pts (changed later, see UPDATE!)

Bonus placement: (10 pts)
After all those long sections I will say this short: all bonuses are amazing scattered! But one thing: there are no secret areas…
Result: 8 pts

One thing I don’t count in my rating, is the music choice, because I’m not allowed to rate music in a Single Player pack, because I have to rate the files in question and in this case the files I have to rate are the levels and not the music, so I will not reduce points for the music. I’ll just say the music from the first level is HORRIBLE. It’ll hurt your ears! I think a theme like TR2-Bonus was a better choice. I will not reduce points for this, but take this hint with you for your next upload: don’t use music which hurts your ears!

Total points: 50
Maximum number of points: 80-10(story)= 70
Calculating: 50÷70×9+1
Final Rating: 7.4
Download recommendation:
Why? If you want a long and hard JJ2-level this is just the pack you’re looking for. Just realize it can be very frustrating to lose a life here.


A new version has been uploaded. Kiranger added two more levels. Both are played after the two levels which were already in the game. The first of them (the third to be played) is Devan Shell. He probably fleed from the tower after his defeat in the first level (with the robot boss). This third level is much shorter with the Devil Devan Boss Fight at the end. And however this new level is not as challenging as the previous two, it’s still quite a challenge to beat it! After that a bonus level follows, with quite hard puzzles! I was not able to do them, so I had to cheat. It are enemyless puzzles, which might be quite tough! The level finishes with a fight against the Bolly Boss, which is made harder with spikes under it. Nice additions! I will change my rating. I will change the gameplay rating from 14 to 17 and the obstacle placement from 15 to 17. This gives you a total of 55 points out of the possible 70. Result? An amazingly 8.1. Download recommendation? YES! It’s even challenger than it was before! Just download it.

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Review by GoldRabbit

28 Sep 2010, 21:07
CTF Bug (8 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness47%

Same problem for me; When I get to play it I will write a proper review.

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Review by FOX292

12 Oct 2010, 20:02
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness54%

The people with the “Too many enemies” problem:
You can play with TSF, or just don’t go to the “Options” at JJ2 menu while gameplay.

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