The Queen's Tower

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24 Sep 2010 at 22:43 (Minor update on 29 Dec 2017)

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Kiranger (More uploads by Kiranger)
Single player
Levels by Kiranger. Tilesets by Birdie and GrèéñKïllër? Music (Part 1) from Donkey Kong Country. Music (Part 2) by x-ceed. Music (Part 3) by David K Newton

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Extra.j2l Insane Difficulty 2.34 kB 19 Nov 2010
TQT (Part 1).j2l The Queen's Tower 54.80 kB 26 Nov 2010
TQT (Part 2).j2l Kill The Queen 1.09 kB 29 Sep 2010
TQT (Part 3).j2l Find Devan 4.58 kB 19 Nov 2010
Colosal.j2t Colosal 60.42 kB 16 Feb 2006
HocusPocusEP1.j2t HocusPocusEP1 123.00 kB 17 Oct 2004
Xargon Diurnal.j2t Xargon (Diurnal) 106.18 kB 26 May 2004
Oil Drum Alley.IT Oil Drum Alley 281.64 kB 04 Apr 2002
Welcome to the Welcome to the Machine 899.56 kB 24 Apr 2009
3 Founders.xm 3 Founders 8.92 kB 04 Mar 2002
The Chase.mod the chase 431.94 kB 23 Oct 2007
The Queen's Tower.JPG 471.46 kB 24 Sep 2010


Collect 600 coins and get to the top of the tower.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.2

RecommendedSeren rated 8.7

I just finished it but since it took me much more time than I expected, I can’t fully review at the moment. I hope to write a real review for it soon, it deserves it. The main issues are:
  • artificial ways to extend the game time
  • not much creativity
  • despite what you say, a bit too low difficulty level
  • only one kind of food and ammo

RecommendedKiMO rated 10

I don’t know how, but I think this level is the best one I have ever seen on JJ2. It has everything.

RecommendedPrimpy rated 9

In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.
Jokes aside, it’s a very challenging and fun level.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.1

RecommendedReview by Violet CLM

31 Dec 2023, 04:39
I might as well work here (539 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews26 Average helpfulness90%

Such an immense level would seem to warrant a similarly immense review… it took me 80 minutes to complete. But the level isn't all that variable, so it's possible to summarize. You're wandering through an immense tower, trying to reach the top, but before you get there you want to collect 600 coins, and that's going to take forever, so really most of the time you DON'T want to reach the top. Rules like "always turn left" or "always turn right" do help (moreso the latter), but there are occasional rooms surrounded by loops which you have to visit intentionally, and occasional one-way passages due to gravity, so navigation isn't always automatic, you do have to pay attention sometimes. There's generally a visible distinction between passage and room, and just about every room has one or two coins, but rarely more than that, so there's a lot of level here.

Along the way, you pick up just about every ammo type, usually isolated to specific areas of the tower. There are occasional fastfire pickups, but those are useless given how many enemies you need to kill before you can get there. There are also a good number of shields, invincibility carrots, birdcages, and apples to keep things varied and make sure you feel rewarded as you wander the endless tower.

Really, the best decision being made here is probably how easy it is, as a result of how the game works: if you ever died, even if you had 599 coins, you'd lose 100% of your progress. No player is going to want to start from the beginning. So the level has obstacles, absolutely, lots of spikes and enemies, but they're all very visible and there are plenty of carrots. Again, you have to pay some attention, but you're not being given insurmountable challenges. (The latter levels even demonstrate the author CAN do harder stuff than this, but chose not to.)

The music's fine in my opinion, but since you're going to be here for an hour or more, there's basically no track that will keep you occupied that long on loop. Turn it off and listen to a playlist.

Ultimately The Queen's Tower is a form of meditation. You're doing the same things against familiar enemies in square passages, on and on, with occasional breaks in scenery. There are distinct areas with distinct gimmicks, such as spike balls or glowing lava pits, but mostly you know the drill. Sit back, hold down the fire key, and relax. I think the level might actually work better if it were linear so you didn't have to worry about making choices about which direction to go, one less thing to think about, but I was successful, after all, so probably you can be too.

The second level is a boss fight, it's not too exciting. The third level I like a lot, even absent the context of the broader pack. It's just really good stuff that doesn't overstay its welcome but still poses fun platforming challenges with a cool unique aesthetic. Very good. The fourth is puzzles. Basically every level in this is totally different from the rest. I mostly just talked about the first because it's the main attraction and super long, but I do like the third quite a bit.

I can't fathom how long it must have taken to make this, by the way. Some rooms are more creative than others, certainly, but every room seems to be different, not copied-and-pasted at all. The graphics aren't especially advanced, just blocks in brick patterns, but again, the level is ridiculously huge… doing anything more than a repeating 1×1 pattern is impressive.

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Review by GoldRabbit

28 Sep 2010, 19:07
CTF Bug (8 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness47%

Same problem for me; When I get to play it I will write a proper review.

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Review by FOX292

12 Oct 2010, 18:02
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness54%

The people with the “Too many enemies” problem:
You can play with TSF, or just don’t go to the “Options” at JJ2 menu while gameplay.

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