Jazz vs evil peach

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11 Nov 2010 at 17:12

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SilverStriker (More uploads by SilverStriker)
Single player
by HsC

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HsC battle2.j2l battle arena by HsC 1.97 kB 19 Sep 2010
hsc001.j2l look like lands 4.03 kB 11 Nov 2010
hsc002.j2l HsC train(unstupeble) 4.63 kB 11 Nov 2010
--------HsC tileset001-------.j2t --------HsC tileset001------- 178.16 kB 10 Nov 2010
-00 lands chaos 2----.j2t -00 lands chaos 2---- 35.64 kB 10 Nov 2010
-00 lands chaos----.j2t -00 lands chaos---- 17.83 kB 10 Nov 2010
Mission.s3m Mission: Impossible 328.00 kB 20 May 2001
BossArena.mp3 1355.14 kB 08 Nov 2010


ok the tileset was bad but its hard work for ME!(hard work is for other players a very very very big singel player story)


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Review by TreyLina

12 Nov 2010, 15:37
Bee Boy Swarm (45 Points)
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I’m not even going to say anything about the “HsC tileset001”. It’s just so…horrible. Okay I lied I wasn’t going to say anything, but seriously, it has no theme whatsoever, just random clips/sprites/whatever from random franchises. What the hell did you do to Weegee with adding Animu eyes? I really hope this tileset is a joke. There’s also such a huge amount of colour loss that my eyes bleed looking at it. If you’re going to make a tileset…at least actually fix the colours and have a proper theme. And perhaps look at tileset tutorials.

The two others…the first version of “lands chaos” is extremely limited boring plain MS paint junk, but don’t get me wrong I’ve seen some great tilesets made with MSpaint out there.

The second version of “lands chaos”…is a little better, but still extremely limited in terms of making a layout and not really much of an interesting theme going on. And how is it “chaos” exactly? Looks like some kind of rather plain park/countryside to me. Of course making tilesets aren’t easy…but that doesn’t stop some from being crap though.

Yeah I can’t be bothered rating the levels…sorry if I sounded nasty…but this is my honest thoughts. If you think your tileset(s) is/are really bad yourself, it’s better to get others to test and tell what they think of it and be open for suggestions. No one will want to use badly done tilesets, to be honest.

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Review by SilverStriker

11 Nov 2010, 17:14
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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oh and you will have blickin eyes ;D

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