Breathing the Filth

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27 Nov 2010 at 04:42 (Minor update on 28 Nov 2010)

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Kiranger (More uploads by Kiranger)
Single player
Level by Kiranger, tileset by Disguise and music from Donkey Kong Country.
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BtF.j2l Breathing the Filth 6.38 kB 28 Nov 2010
BoredSet3.j2t BoredSet Cold 89.29 kB 29 Feb 2004
Winky's Walkway.IT Winky's Walkway 288.39 kB 04 Apr 2002



Breathing the Filth was supposed to be a pack with a bunch of levels and a story but it never happened.
If I make the rest of the levels sometime then I will re-upload it as a “major change”.
(Because of my bad english grammar I don’t mind if you correct me if something I write sounds really wrong or bad) :P


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.1

RecommendedLoon rated 8.4

Pretty good level with an awesome puzzle, sometimes it’s a bit hard to follow the way to the end. The eyecandy is mostly from layer 4 so it’s good enough. But there could be more.

RecommendedGreenTechB rated 9.7

this level is amazing and very creative . we need more from this kind :D it was fun to explore, it wasn’t so hard and the water-level changes were very nice :D the eyecandy was well made, the level design also. it is almost my favourite level now thank you ((:

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.3

RecommendedReview by troglobite

28 Nov 2010, 02:15
Bee Boy Swarm (26 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness74%

This level was entertaining to play through and explore.

Gameplay: 8/10
This level may not be incredibly ground breaking or challenging, but I found it fun to play through. The level consists of a large number of rectangular rooms, which may seem like it would lend itself to inflexible, bland gameplay, but this is not the case. The rooms connect in various different ways, and you often end up wandering in the alleys between the rooms. The main mechanic of this level involves changing the water level, and the path feels nicely squiggly. You end up going back into the same rooms occasionally, once with water and once without, which feels like a very efficient use of level space. Also, there are several “secrets,” which can be found by exploring alternate routes. The overall gameplay felt very casual and relaxing to explore the level. There were a couple small imperfections in the gameplay. For example, there are some downward suckers to the right of a save point, and it’s easy to miss the save point and fall in. Then, there’s no way to go back and get the save point. The end also involve a bit too much “find the crate” type gameplay. But overall, I thought the gameplay was well done, and fun.

Eyecandy: 8/10
The eyecandy was also pretty well done. The tileset fit well with the theme of “breathing the filth” and there was some kind of green, toxic snowfall. The level looked surprisingly natural and organic, despite the rectangular rooms. My only complaint is that it could be a little hard to tell apart the different types of destruct scenery underwater, but this didn’t significantly harm gameplay or the aesthetic of the level.

Overall, 8/10

If you have some time, I would recommend downloading and exploring this level.

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RecommendedReview by SPAZ18

14 Dec 2010, 14:52
Spaz Slackrabbit (162 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings111 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness73%

It’s been a while since I last played a single player level in JJ2, so I decided to give this one a go and I’m impressed.


The tileset is a perfect fit for the intended theme the author is aiming for. The yellow toxic snowflakes is a nice touch and all the rooms look very nice. The music also fits nicely.


The level is split up into several rectangular rooms connected to one another via small tunnels or sucker tubes. The player will have to explore several of these rooms more than once in order to progress. The objective here is to navigate the different rooms and the tunnels that branch off some of the areas to find Trigger Crates to open the next section and to also raise or lower the water level in order to access the crates that were inaccessible the first time. The level also makes excellent use of the Morph Box. There will be some scenery that you cannot destroy with the current character. Jazz will be used for breaking the blocks that are above the player and Spaz or Lori are used to side kick the blocks that Jazz cannot break himself.
Goodies are nicely placed and are not excessive. There is enough food to provide the player with one Sugar Rush. There are also Coins to be found in order to access a Bonus Warp.
Power-ups can be found in secret areas but these are not required.


This level is very fun to play and will probably take about 10-15 minutes on a first playthrough. There are some very creative uses of Morph Boxes and controlling the water level in order to complete the many puzzles in the level. I really enjoyed this level and my overall rating is 8.5.
If the author releases the other levels that make up this pack I’ll be sure to play them and update the review.



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