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17 Jun 2011 at 09:32

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Capture the flag
Gazuz Snake for the song and all betatesters.
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xlmcalypso.j2l Rocky Jungle 6.49 kB 17 Jun 2011
IC - Jungrock1.j2t IC - Jungrock1 211.55 kB 25 Jan 2009 Reindeers jumping through 76.23 kB 18 Jun 2007


This level is an entry for SJ’s Duel Tournament v3.0 level contest.

This was supposed to be a battle level. Then I realized that it’s not gonna be good. I edited almost the whole layout and made this small duel level. Eyecandy is simple but good. I’ve played some duels here, and I guess you will do it, too.

In this level, there are 2 warps on top of the level. They warp you to the bottom of the level, near Gun9. You need Gun9 to get RF PUs. There is another PU, Bouncer PU. You can get it by stomping or shooting in it. Since this is a small level, I didn’t let you sidekick/uppercut it to get 50ammo. You can get 50 ammo by collecting it, but there isn’t much ammo in this level. Spawntime of everything is 30sec.

This level is carrot-area-biased, imo. You can get C with bnc from down, or with RF trix climbing up. There is an easier option – spring.

Anyway I want you enjoy in this level.


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RecommendedZoro rated 7

A bit strange level, nice background, a pair of campy places(a bit annoying), genius gameplay… Good luck with your next works.

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RecommendedReview by Loon

17 Jun 2011, 14:18
Bee Boy Swarm (43 Points)
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A small review for you.
I liked the eyecandy very much, it was decent and never used before. Only the rain is falling very slow.
The layout is a bit dissapointing. The level hasn’t any kind of plants or something at layer 5, just some cave stuff. Could have placed some more cave/plants and all that other stuff.
The level is the same at both sides. It’s clearly done with Ctrl + F. Isn’t very creative to do actually.. I see some tilebugs too which shouldn’t be there..

The gameplay is not good but not bad aswell.., it might be fun to play but it has some weird things in it. Like the bouncer powerup, it is well placed but it’s campy and hard to make your way to the PU.
The RF’s are only getable by Electro which is spammed at a few places. I think people just want to play the map and don’t want to get ammo first to get other ammo.
The carrot is a bit campy too.

Also the spring overlaunches you to the base and the C, that makes the flow kind of bad. But the flow is good, except those 2 springs.

I don’t like the music choice for this map, it doesn’t fit it.

The lighting and sounds are too much placed or placed at a wrong tile where it shouldn’t be used.

Well! Since it’s fun to play this level I’ll give you a 7.

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