Impressions A

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30 Jul 2011 at 01:03 (Minor update on 31 Dec 2011)

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DarkSonic (More uploads by DarkSonic)
Credits go to the ones who made the tilesets and the music, and to FawFul for helping me with the shadows in one of the levels.
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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xlmiabtl01.j2l room of the snooze 6.95 kB 28 Jul 2011
xlmiabtl02.j2l Peaceful Fortification 10.25 kB 28 Jul 2011
xlmiabtl03.j2l Tidal Towers 10.78 kB 29 Jul 2011
xlmiactf01.j2l Industrial Intersect 22.88 kB 17 Dec 2011
xlmiactf02.j2l This level! GOLD!! 15.81 kB 18 Aug 2011
xlmiactf03.j2l Light Point 8.36 kB 18 Aug 2011
xlmiactf04.j2l Mechanical Magma Machine 8.18 kB 29 Jul 2011
CrysilisV.j2t CrysilisV 140.23 kB 11 Jan 2008
HotelDeluxefix.j2t Hotel Deluxe (fix) 147.73 kB 12 Aug 2008
IC - Letni1.j2t IC - Letni1 146.73 kB 02 Jan 2007
LavaFortress_v2.j2t Lava Fortress v2 115.38 kB 05 Oct 2010
Lowaa.j2t Rage of Aquarius 211.89 kB 18 Apr 2011
PersianParadise.j2t Persian Paradise 145.71 kB 17 Nov 2002
WTFAcrid2.j2t WTF - Acrid v2 231.34 kB 22 Jan 2009


Well, it’s been a long time, isn’t it? My last upload was Light Point, and before that I uploaded Industrial Intersect. Those levels were part of this pack, as well as 2 other levels that were in Bash12. You could say not much of the pack is new, but there are at least 3 levels in this pack that a lot of people won’t know. That’s because 2 of them are pretty new, and one of them is old but didn’t make the Bash. One of the new levels is my entry for SJ’s contest, which is Mechanical Magma Machine (the fourth CTF level from the pack)

This is the fourth part of Impressions. You might think: what does an A have to do with 4? Well, sometimes people write a 4 instead of an a. That’s why I named the pack Impressions A. This pack was supposed to be finished last year, but because of a lot of things I couldn’t really JCS back then. Now that I finally had time I wanted to finish this pack once and for all. Originally I wanted to make 6 levels, but now there are 7 levels (4 CTF, 3 Battle) Anyway, after all this text, enjoy this pack! It could very well be one of the best XLM uploads so far.

Okay, I can’t have the α sign in the name but the real name of the pack is Impressions α. You can download the music for the levels here:

Re-upload: fixed a bug in Light Point. I don’t know why I never found that out (or anyone else until Loon told me) Also fixed the music in This level is.. gold! GOLD! and changed the tileset from Industrial Intersect to WTF-Acrid2 (a brighter version)


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.9

RecommendedLoon rated 8.8

A worthy pack to download.
The levels are nice and fun to play. (Gameplay and eyecandy)
Musics are also great. (Music)
I make it short, since I’m a bit drunk, burb.. (Own view)

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 8.8

Definitely the best pack in the Impressions series so far. The levels aren’t of much higher quality than many of the levels DS has made in the past couple of years, but as a whole, the pack flows together very nicely, without much filler. There aren’t many disapointments; this is DS’ JCS skills at his finest.

RecommendedArti rated 9.0

Great pack, fun levels.
Good eyecandy, the levels look good without being too busy for the eyes.

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