Strange New World

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1 Nov 2011 at 21:04 (Minor update on 2 Dec 2017)

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PT32 (More uploads by PT32)
Single player
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New World.j2l Strange New World 11.04 kB 01 Nov 2011
IC - Sluggion1.j2t IC - Sluggion1 154.30 kB 01 Jan 2007
A. Brandon - Surfacing.s3m Surfacing 679.04 kB 10 Dec 2007


SNW is a fairly hard (though not impossible) level. It may look short in the editor, but trust me, if you check out all the side paths and junk, it adds plenty of length.

I added a sprinkling of secrets on the different difficulty levels.

SNW IS multiplayer-cooperative-friendly, by the way.

I did not write my own song this time, since I felt that the one I found works just fine.

Sluggion doesn’t get used very often, so I thought I would do so here.

Should work in 1.23, and should be free of bugs (although I may have missed some of the diagonal wood tiles, so use caution).

Apparently, it actually only works in 1.24 instead. My bad. It MIGHT, however, work in a Plusified 1.23…


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Quick Reviews Average: 6

Not recommendedPrimpy rated 6

Honestly, I can’t tell why this level has such a high rating. I just couldn’t enjoy it: Bad visuals, frustrating level design, unfair deaths et cetera. I won’t go too much into detail, long story short I was very underwhelmed by this level.

Violet CLM rated N/A

It's certainly an interesting level. Plenty of space to play around and go on optional adventures. Perhaps too optional—you can run and copter ear through most of the level. The final bit with all the wind is just a miserable slog. But the rest is nice if you're in the right headspace, or are just willing to play along with unenforceable rules.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.5

Review by Reality

31 Jan 2012, 11:02
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

The wind events, while challenging, make the level more frustrating/unfair rather than fun (same reason why I stopped playing your Blizzard Peaks level). Also, it’s very easy to get stuck in this level but I would blame the tileset rather than faulting your level design. Eyecandy and open ended design are cool, but I’m not going to review this unless I can be bothered to do it properly at a later date.

Finally, please make sure to test your levels in 1.23 before listing them as compatible. Moonbeam Moore is also not compatible with 1.23.

2 of 2 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by sonicnathan 1

1 Nov 2011, 21:31
Spaz Slackrabbit (136 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings99 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness70%

JJ2 signaled the fallowing internal error.
JJ2 ran out of internal animation structures. There are most probably too much enemies in the current level.

0 of 0 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by PT32

1 Nov 2011, 22:19
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

huh. That’s interesting, since it definitely works in 1.24 and I THOUGHT I had it working in 1.23…

0 of 0 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by minmay

2 Nov 2011, 21:35
Turtle Goon (57 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness80%

Put in technically incorrect “layman’s terms,” 1.24 has a greater supply of internal animation structures, so it doesn’t run out as easily as 1.23.

0 of 0 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by Sean

3 Nov 2011, 08:13
CTF Bug (7 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings7 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness28%

This is why we should always test in 1.23 first unless you’re making this a TSF level.

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RecommendedReview by GreenTechB

6 Nov 2011, 13:27
CTF Bug (5 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings5 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

i have tsf, so i didn’t have this problem. by the way, i think it’s a fun level i liked it. played on medium and hard also, i can say the difficulty was okey and well-balanced. the eye-candy was good, it wasn’t boring sometimes those windy parts were a bit frustrating but it was ok :D i liked the part to get to the extra live :P there were only small bugs in layer6 that didn’t look the best, also some hatters were stuck in one block, you could use dragons instead of them. the spike animations were a bit fast, and i missed only one thing.. coins :)

all in all it is a good level, worth downloading keep working :)

0 of 2 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

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