Mystic Pond

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2 Jan 2012 at 22:44

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GpW XanDeR (More uploads by GpW XanDeR)
WebJCS,DJazz and Me

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collab_mysticpond.j2l Mystic Pond 3.67 kB 02 Jan 2012
Mystic Isle 2.j2t Mystic Isle 2 61.02 kB 19 Oct 2011
lostpatrol.mod tunev1 53.67 kB 18 Dec 2011


We made this level with WebJCS a awesome program in 1 hour , it didn’t take so much but also for me it’s nice , i do only the gameplay DJazz ec and ammo :D thanks for downloading . ENJOY !


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Quick Reviews Average: 6.7

Not recommendedViolet CLM rated 6.7

A small level that takes no real risks and could use a bit more polish. The ammo placement is bizarre — somewhat sparse, but with lots of pepper spray and even some TNT — and the path to the blaster powerup is way too long and slow and unbranching. Not fond of the upper right. Eyecandy is serviceable, if unadventurous, and there are good areas.

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RecommendedReview by PT32

23 Jan 2012, 23:11
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

This was a quaint little level. Not quirky, not queer. Quaint.

At the same time, that quaintness helps this collab to excel, if not fantastically, then at least moderately successfully.

Mystic Pond is well on the small side, with clumps of food and ammo lathered without restraint across the level and powerups in easy-to-reach places. Add to that a ridiculously short underwater segment with only one access point which houses fastfires and a blaster powerup, and you’ve got this level.

On the brighter end of the spectrum, MP has some good, solid eyecandy and a background song that helps create the mythic atmosphere of a serene, untouched lake in the middle of the wilderness. Kind of relaxing, which is no doubt what the level was intended to convey.

There weren’t really any problems with bugs that I could uncover, which is always good.

Should you download Mystic Pond and play it? I think so. It’s a well-built level with a handful of notable, drawbacks, and it’s worth playing, if there’s nothing else to do. So go ahead and download it. And just relax…

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