Total Annihilation I: Massive Destruction

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29 Mar 2012 at 23:40 (Minor update on 30 Mar 2018)

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xlmtapbtl01.j2l Delta Halo 25.34 kB 30 Mar 2018
xlmtapbtl02.j2l Colonial Castle Ruin 20.87 kB 29 Mar 2012
xlmtapbtl03.j2l Far From Reality 9.59 kB 30 Mar 2018
xlmtapctf01.j2l Unknown Ruins 10.42 kB 30 Mar 2018
xlmtapctf02.j2l Snowy Slim Shore 16.33 kB 30 Mar 2018
A_EastFIXToxic.j2t A_Easter_FIX_Toxic 250.04 kB 01 Jan 2002
Castle2.j2t Castle 2 209.44 kB 29 Mar 2002
Holiday Hare Evening Fix.j2t Holiday Hare Evening Fix 226.70 kB 16 Dec 2008
ICJungD.j2t Jungle 2.0 Day 247.89 kB 19 Nov 2006
Mystic Isle 2.j2t Mystic Isle 2 61.02 kB 26 Jul 2007 Medieval Time 829.77 kB 28 May 2011 shadow caster (6:46) 809.70 kB 21 Sep 1996 Skyward Fire 980.41 kB 03 Jun 2011
buz.xm funnys birthday song 178.46 kB 03 Jun 2011
TRAUMATI.XM Traumatic State 903.99 kB 05 Oct 2008


It’s finally here!

Total Annihilation I: Massive Destruction

Alright, making this pack took so long, that I cutted a few levels. Why did it take so long? Because the levels I created got somewhat boring to me, and I deleted them.

The levels in the pack are battle and CTF.
The battle levels are:
- Delta Halo
- Colonial Castle Ruin
- Far From Reality

The CTF levels are:
- Unknown Ruins
- Snowy Slim Shore

Delta Halo
This level used to be smaller and not this big. But I kept outlining the x and y of this map. Which worked out great in layout, gameplay etc… But it also took a while to create it. The map is designed for the bigger battle events and NOT for a duel.

Colonial Castle Ruin
A relative big castle theme battle map. Which has a hidden shield somewhere. This map can support many players. If you don’t like boom boom music, you should turn your music off, cuz it’ll explode your ears.

Far From Reality
The first level I created for this pack. It got lost somehow but I found it back (luckily). This is a medium-sized map with a decent gameplay. The tileset usage is different than other jungle maps. You should definitely check this map out!

Unknown Ruins
Not the best name I came up with, but it has the looks! Despite from the decent eyecandy, it has a variety in gameplay than any other map. The gameplay in this level is really awesome, it can handle a duel, but also the bigger games as a 2v2, 3v3 and even bigger!

Snowy Slim Shore
If you like snowy maps, this map is a must for you! It looks scary, snowy, cave-like and amazing! What do you want more? I guess you want good gameplay! Well, that’s possible with this map. It has a few tricks (which I won’t spoil) and it’s anti-camp!

So download, rate and review, this pack.


EDIT 1: Fixed the pit

EDIT 2: Cycling to another level won’t give any error or other map.


Six Year Anniversary hurray

EDIT 3: 30-03-2018

Major update on a few maps.

Delta Halo: Reduced ammo spawning time and added more ammo. Removed the tube trigger system with the fly carrot. Reduced spawntime of carrots. Added one more carrot to the map. Removed the auto fire pickups. Replaced the blaster PU with a Toaster PU. Seeker PU can’t be shot with EB no more. Flow Adjustments and eyecandy fixes.

Colonial Castle Ruin: none (considered removing the shield)

Far From Reality: Reduced ammo spawningtime

Unknown Ruins: Added one ways to some crucial paths in the level.

Snowy Slim Shore: Replaced the auto firing seeker with an ice one. This way people won’t get hurt in the tube. Reduced ammo spawning time.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.6

RecommendedLaro B. rated 8.5

This pack contain good quality levels. Delta Halo is my favorite, anyway, download recommended.

RecommendedSuperjazz rated 8.7

Download this if you want to play big and high-quality levels. Not especially suited for duels. Bring in your friends!

RecommendedBlackraptor rated 8.7

Solid levels, good design overall. Great eyecandy, especially Delta Halo which looks beautiful. Great to host or play online with a crowd of people. Highly reccomended.

RecommendedRagnarok! rated 8.4

The first level, Delta Halo was probably a 10/10, however the other levels were good but just not up to the AMAZING standard of Delta Halo! The CTFs were very well made and this pack is very deserving of its rating. Great job!

RecommendedDarkSonic rated 8.5

A pretty good level pack with a few really good levels (Colonial Castle Ruin and Delta Halo) and a few good levels with some interesting ideas. For example I like the tileset usage in Far From Reality. Snowy Slim Shore is a pretty good level with some good eye candy. Unknown Ruins has a pretty simple layout that reminds me a bit of my old levels.

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