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4 Sep 2012 at 05:05

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Beta testers, tileset artists, musicians, thank you all
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bnsjungle.j2l BN's Jungle 7.91 kB 01 Sep 2012
lrkscrap.j2l Abecedarius 3.74 kB 01 Sep 2012
olccombust.j2l Combustion 5.99 kB 03 Sep 2012
olcgeheinom.j2l Geheinom 11.75 kB 29 Aug 2012
olcphylaxia.j2l Phylaxia 5.80 kB 03 Sep 2012
Keen 6 Factory Small.j2t Keen 6 Factory Small 41.98 kB 19 Jun 2005
Keen 6 Factory.j2t Keen 6 Factory 49.11 kB 13 Mar 2005
Keen 6 Red1.j2t Keen 6 - Red 70.61 kB 10 Mar 2005
Scraparap2N.j2t JJ1 Scraparap Night 94.26 kB 09 Apr 2003
SwampsD.j2t Swamps Day 196.30 kB 11 Nov 2001
WarTornJN.j2t War Torn Night 175.81 kB 30 Jul 2001 Andys Anthem Edit 176.01 kB 29 Aug 2012 Rock Garden (Jazz 2 Edit) 865.28 kB 03 Sep 2012
CBCD_CRP.XM cubicdreams_crippled 860.12 kB 30 Mar 2002
ac-lha.s3m Lunch Hour Automat 98.03 kB 09 Aug 2002


OKAY, so we’ve got three tileset conversions, two single player levels, two CTF levels, and a battle level here. It’s ALL OLD STUFF, with the exception of the music for Phylaxis… Like 2004 and before.

Just about every level / tileset here was either intended to be part of a level pack that never got released, or I just didn’t really like the level enough to put it on J2O (Abecedarius, for example). In any case, I hope everyone enjoys this, I hope ya like the music I remixed in two of the levels… Feel free the use it if you enjoy it! Here’s a brief rundown of the pack…

bnsjungle.j2l “Black Ninja’s Jungle” (Single Player)
I made this short, linear single player level for Black Ninja’s birthday one year. I really have no idea what year though. Nothing spectacular here, just a short, fun little single player level.

lrkscrap.j2l “Abecedarius” (CTF)
I made this level inspired by an older CTF level made by Blackraptor using the same tileset. I was just never happy with the overall flow of the level so I never released it. People also complained my weird use of layers / translucency made their computers run slow (but this was almost 10 years ago).

olccombust.j2l “Combustion” (Battle)
I really liked this level, but I remember one of my beta testers picked the level apart, and I decided not to release it for whatever reason. I like this level though. I tracked the music for it, it’s a remix of something by Alexander Brandon… everyone should know it :)

olcgeheinom.j2l “Geheinom” (Single Player)
Random single player level, originally intended to be part of an enormous single player episode that Blackraptor and I were going to release. That unfortunately never happened, so here’s something from it at least.

olcphylaxia.j2l “Phylaxia” (CTF)
People had mixed feelings about this one when I hosted it a couple times. Some people loved it, some people hated it, and I just didn’t release it. This level also uses a song I remixed / tracked, I’m sure a lot of you will recognize it…

Keen 6 Red1.j2t, Keen 6 Factory.j2t, Keen 6 Factory Small.j2t “Commander Keen 6” (Tileset Conversion)
Well, here are three tileset conversions from Commander Keen 6. I was going to do more from the game but this was towards the end of my JJ2 days, and I’m pretty sure I disappeared from JJ2 in the midst of the project.

Fun fact: This .zip being an allowable size for J2O came down to me shortening a ride cymbal sample bit by bit until it made it. AND that’s all. THANKS all and don’t forget to rate 10!!!!!!!!!!! ;)


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Recommendedsnzspeed rated 8.5

I downloaded this and played the levels, and all I can say is that it reminds me of those times when jj2 was actually good. When there no addons like carrotade or plus and no zeal servers. That feeling is something what is really hard to find these days.

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Review by Lark

12 Sep 2012, 19:12
I might as well work here (500 Points)
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Thanks for the feedback!! Fun fact: phylaxia used to have sucker tubes on each edge, but my better testers said it made the level too similar to EvilMike’s infamous Distopia.

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