Home Cooked Level Series: 9 levels

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20 Oct 2012 at 23:03

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1.j2l 1 7.23 kB 20 Oct 2012
2.j2l 2 8.42 kB 20 Oct 2012
3.j2l 3 7.54 kB 20 Oct 2012
4.j2l 4 8.39 kB 20 Oct 2012
5.j2l 5 7.21 kB 20 Oct 2012
6.j2l 6 7.21 kB 20 Oct 2012
7.j2l 7 9.94 kB 20 Oct 2012
8.j2l 8 10.08 kB 20 Oct 2012
9.j2l 9 5.76 kB 20 Oct 2012


Warning: these levels are made to be hard. Finishing these levels is meant to be a real achievement. If you cannot finish the original jj2 levels with two hands tied behind your back you might have a really tough time. Do not expect to finish everything without dying. Good Luck!


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Quick Reviews Average: 5.8

Not recommendedsonicnathan 1 rated 5.5

Nothing about these levels are very challenging, interesting or fun. Lot of empty areas. Boring eyecandey. Open level designs leads to a lot of leaps of faith. Difficulty in any parts came from tons of enemies, which even then don’t add much. Overall very average

brain-drain rated 6.0

Seen worse and seen better, it’s a bit better than average. Too few secrets, pickups and too many open areas. Also I see you knew what you were doing, so I’d rather blame laziness than the lack of your abilities.
Rating: 6

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6

Review by abgrenv

21 Oct 2012, 13:48 (edited 25 Dec 12, 18:23)
Frog (16 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness77%

Well, 9 levels. I have to say you really had some interesting and good ideas. The problem was that these ideas weren’t done well. I think there were too many open areas, which were really confusing after a while. Trying to make a level more challenging with regenerating enemies ads to the difficulty but doesn’t add to the fun of the level. And anyway what were you thinking on the first level I had to fight about 12 queens to pass the level. What about the pickups? There were hardly any some coins carrots very minimal ammo some 1 ups and nothing else. Also putting 5-6 enemies in an area where you’ve got 1 block space to move isn’t a good thing either. Another thing, you could at least put some signs to help the player know where he should go. There were some glitches as well at certain warp areas.

But at least you could use the tilesets properly. So as I said these are levels with some very good ideas which could have been done better.

My rating is 5.7. This means your pack was good enough for not being crap, but bad enough for me not to give it a download recommendation.

EDIT: I replayed the levels. As you said they were made to be difficult but the last 2-3 were well, something way harder than “difficult”. About the 12 queens, I didn’t actually count them last time I just wanted to point out the fact that I had to battle a lot of them (now I’m quite certain there were more than 15). Certain bats keep respawning in every level btw. And as you asked, I will mention that the warps were glitchy in the carrotus level where the “warp target” put you in a place with 1 block space. Warp target should be somewhere with 8 empty tiles around you otherwise the player will get stuck in the wall. I think I met some of those glitchy warps in the medivo level as well.
Also most boss fights were in really tight spaces which were full of bats. I know you wanted the levels to be challenging but that’s too much.

Could you play through all the levels btw?

Anyway last time I think I made it to the 3rd level without cheats, but since I wanted to see the whole pack (because I don’t want to review something I haven’t even played through and give an unaccurate rating) I just used the health cheat to check out the other levels. The first 6 levels are so-so but the rest are just impossible. The player just feels that he/she is squeezed through a mousehole and then he gets 4-5 bats that respawn in 8 seconds.
Anyway like I have already mentioned the lack of pickups is a big problem. For me the levels would have been much more fun if there were at least a minimum amount of stuff to get. Without them it was just running around in a nearly empty level. Also I noticed that most of the time the 1 ups lead to dead ends from where I couldn’t get out.

All together the levels look ok or interesting in some cases but when it come to playing you’ll notice that it’s unfairly hard. The puzzles are sometimes quite creative but other times you brake a trigger crate and don’t even know if you’ve screwed up something or did something that will help in continuing the level. Though as a positivity I can admit that I didn’t lose my interest in the levels since I was really curious to see all of them (unlike the last single player level I tried)

Sorry but I can’t give a higher rating than 6. For second time it was slightly a bit more fun than last time. I hope you will still make levels as this one wasn’t that bad for a start and I’m sure you are able to improve. Next time try to target the average players (believe me it’s not a hard task to get a good rating from me :D), just don’t forget pickups.

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Review by Revdog

24 Dec 2012, 22:13 (edited 1 Jan 13, 20:20)
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0

I understand this is not a review since I’m obviously not reviewing my own levels :-) so perhaps this message should have been placed elsewhere…
Anyway. Its been a while since these levels were posted. I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to finish them yet.

For Abgrenv: I appreciate you took time to review the levels. But I really don’t believe it is possible that you finished much within a day. It would be extremely impressive if you even got through level 2 by that time. These levels are made to be difficult. That means you have to be able to control your rabbit and also play it clever. If you killed 12 queens you did something wrong. Part of the challenge is to figure stuff like that out (I can tell you they are not on a respawn timer ^^). But true thing is, that the first level may be a bit of a search from time to time.
I also have to apologise for the lack of ammo and other pick-ups. Like I said before, these levels are meant as a challenge. I would have liked to put more ammo, but over time I removed the bullets that could make parts of the levels easier than they should be. The same goes for the carrots btw.

last point: could anyone give me a description of where the glitches in warp areas are? I could not find any, but they should be removed in any case!
And could anyone tell me how far they got in these levels?
Merry Christmas everyone!

EDIT: Yes I can see what you mean about them being too hard :-) The main reason why I posted these levels at all is because I wanted to know whether it would be possible to find out everything for yourself without knowing how the levels were made. Maybe it’s too much indeed..

Last time I played them I finished 1-8 in 30min to an hour. But again: I know what I am supposed to do. And others won’t. Also, I finished every bit of every level without getting hit so i know it is theoretically possible. (Never finished any level without getting hit though… just little bits of them). I never finished last level. it’s a level almost completely existing of a boss fight with devil devan in which you need to flee and fight him over quite a distance. It’s hopelessly buggy and I just could not stop him from sometimes running off and never coming back. I thought I’d just add
it when I uploaded the others since its not likely to ever get better anyway. I’ve given up on it :-)

I think I know the warps you are talking about. Thanks, they will be changed!

Sorry about the pick-ups ^^ I never liked gems or food much when I played the official game. They seemed so pointless to me at the time. Guess it’s just a flaw in my character ;-)

Oh and I’ll tell you there are 5 queens in level 1 and no more. They only come back to life if you run away too far. It has nothing to do with a timer. Simply shoot the last queen from a distance until she backed off far enough (past the pillar) and do not run too far from where the other queens stood. Them returning to life also surprised me first time I tried it!

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