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14 Nov 2012 at 12:21 (Minor update on 18 Jul 2016)

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Oddity.j2l Oddity 10.12 kB 10 Dec 2011
TWGBv2.j2l Greedy Buddha 12.12 kB 08 Oct 2015
TWSC.j2l Sparkling Caves 9.83 kB 02 Sep 2012
DiambDay.j2t Diamondus ? Day 247.22 kB 16 Nov 2004
Orbitusv.j2t JJ1 Orbitus 67.73 kB 03 Dec 2003
tradjap.j2t Traditional Japan 124.78 kB 01 Jan 2010
Diamantine Diamantine Rain 1955.10 kB 08 Apr 2011
song11.s3m 29.86 kB 15 Jan 1998


Three levels, 2 CTF and one Bankrobbery. But since I haven’t done anything with these levels fro months already, I’ll upload them now because I’ll otherwise never upload them, even though two levels aren’t really tested in a serious manner.

I did check them for tilebugs and other bugs, but except for Sparkling Caves, I didn’t do much in terms of eyecandy otherwise.

About the levels:

The Bank Robbery level, Greedy Buddha, is the oldest level of the bunch.
It’s never really tested online (at least not played, I hosted it several times though), but at least it functions as it should, so I’m quite happy with that. Both sides have a bank and coins to capture, so it functions like a traditional CTF in that regard.

A Toast PU, 2 C’s and 5 fastfires are on the center line of the map, and a few warps and sucker tubes ensure easier movement.

Note: In order to get the music of this level, download the Traditional Japan Tileset. I couldn’t add it here because of download limit.

Credits: Dodges. for the tileset, Gienka, BlackRose, Anne and those I forgot, for bugtesting and giving advice.

The first CTF level, Oddity was designed in tandem with my entry for previous years duel tournament map competition (and as such, uses the same tileset), but was just delayed in finishing, grew then in size and would be finished much later.

It’s a true Oddity and will live up to its name with it’s 15 warps. Quite a few PU’s and only 3 small carrots ensure it’ll be a chaotic CTF match. It requires a different playstyle when compared with other maps.

It’s an oddball compared to other levels, even when compared with other weird levels, and take it as such. It isn’t really designed to be a high-quality level, but it is symmetric and balanced between all characters.

Play it to have fun. And don’t play duels here as all the warps and petty tricks will make you rip your hair out. Chances are that the game will end 0-0.

Credits: VioletCLM for the tileset, Zerg, and those I forgot for giving advice, bugtesting and at least playing one round here.

The second CTF level, Sparkling Caves, is the only level designed for more serious play. It is tested WAY more often than the other two levels and works fine.

It is moderately sized and works fairly well in 2vs2. It isn’t really tested much in 3vs3 but it should work well enough.

It has a Toast, a Pepper and 2 Blast PU’s (which can be shot with Bouncer ammo) and 3 C’s, and is fairly balanced. There are three ways to reach the top of the map and the blue base, opposed to two to reach the red base in the bottom left to make up for the easier defending because blue will be holding the high ground.

A 15-second shield and fastfires are in warps. The shield is quite crucial in this level, so use it wisely.

Oh: Wallclimbers will be punished by warps and pit in this level.

It is also the only level where I actually put some effort in the eyecandy.

Credits: Pyromanus for the tileset, Treylina, Superjazz, Anne, King, and many others I forgot who gave advice and played several rounds here in the past.


All that has yet to be said is: Have fun!

Little edit: Added JJ2+ as requirement in title.

Also quickfixed Greedy Buddha after looking at it again (originally I only intended adding a textstring about how to get the Shield, but then I somehow saw a way of fixing the flow w/o getting tilebugs I did not see before). Added a bit more EC, fixed the brunt of the flow issues (those which aren’t, can’t be fixed at all unless I remove the pathway altogether), added two large ammo blocks in the center-wings and two seek ammo groups. The additional ammo should ensure that it isn’t mindless blaster spam anymore, though some will since there is a Blaster PU’s in each base now.

The shield is only obtainable if you have 20-50 coins left after you finished scoring those points (if you have more, you score again, if you have less, you
don’t get the shield as there is ANOTHER coinwarp :P ).


Major update of the Bank Robbery level. The shield warp is now seperated from the scoring warps as it interfered with the standard Bankrobbery Angelscript.
Some of the other kinks have been creased out, mostly thanks to Treylina. I should’ve updated this file earlier considering I made most of these updates a year ago, but I had other things on my mind and eventually just forgot about it.


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25 Nov 2012, 13:46 (edited 25 Nov 12, 16:46)
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to my Detailed review!



Well what to say, even through it has a name that doesn’t tell much it’s really accurate, I mean the level is irregularly big with numerous weird things, it might also fit the good old orbitus. Even if I fould it very confusing first, it has creative things and interesting parts!


This tileset has it’s own great atmosphere, what you abused right. The background is great, the decorations aren’t overdone. Also a good thing that the tiles show, or least reflect what can happen there. It’s not hurting my eyes, it feels natural, in the right meaning. You cared about the walls in many places so it doesn’t really feel blank anywhere. Maybe there could be a bit more yellow stuff but it’s quite well done this way too. There is nearly nothing in the foreground covering playable areas, it’s easy to understand how to move in the level, the outfit is definitely not confusing. On top of these I didn’t find any tilebugs. It might feel undone, not made that carefully, yet it’s just appearing to be quite decent.
GJ, but well, I didn’t crap my pants so no max points. xd,,



Basically: huge. It’s using the oldschool two bases facing each other in the sides type. The lower part is appearing to be a bit useless, but i didn’t try it it might work well. Symmetrical, what is appropriate in this size. It takes certain time to understand and learn the layout (and the whole lvl) though.


Yes, I will be talking about it without trying it out with ppl.

Referring to the size, it could work with the minimum of 3;3 players, and it could very well be played in JDC events or such. There are quite many PUs with 2 damage, and only +1 Cs what, I believe, can make killing easy. I think the most fighting would be around the bases, they are very vulnerable to BNCs, so a defender might have significant advantage. The shield has only 10 sec, so it doesn’t carry that much strength, still can entitle you to a safe capturing. Just as you wrote about your own lvl, yes the many warps make it confusing and chaotic, what I wouldn’t basically mark as a bad point, just as a property. I think it doesn’t give advantage to a character, a lori player takes care of it. The flow is understandable easily but the float ups are usually more annoying than useful, and as I already mentioned, it takes a little time to learn. (just like any other lvl, but this might take a bit long)



Ugh, 9 PUs, 7 with Dmg, with most types, excepting Seeker and Electroblaster. I agree with the decision, even if I think seeker could be a good weapon here. There is a shield and only small carrots, so it’s basically not needed. The placements are fine, the most creative, the shield’s warpout, it’s really fun as you can take damage if it’s taken, but I think the other ways shouldn’t be there so that you would be forced to get a hit. The PUs are always in places that ensure you can’t take it to full, In my opinion it’s bad, least the toasters could be simply out. There are lots of ammos spread in the level, mostly just a little, but on the bottom there are big piles, it acts allright. I don’t like the FF placements, I usually took then however I never wanted. There is only one place where I feel like there should be something put, it’s the top middle place. It would be an ammo refiller, but I would more adivse a +1 C. I think that in a 4v4 match or above it would be quite appropriate.



It’s not needed to mention I suppose.



It’s quite unorthodox, and doesn’t come with instant understanding, so it might be repellent for random people. It must be definitely fun to play with big armies anyway.

83 out of 100

Sparkling Caves


I tested this level several times, and now finally there it has it’s cool outfit. Just like Oddity, it’s unorthodox, hm, I’m gonna say Thunderwalker style.


Yey! It’s really fancy! It’s damn outworked in many places, it differs in many places, It’s pleasuring to be here, really. The concept that the top is light and the bottom is dark is great! It’s not irritating to the eyes, the foregrouns things are just a very few, the eyecandy isn’t confusing. I also like that the warps and that one tube is marked. Okay, enough of the deserved praising, in the bottom the backgrounds and the walls feel a very very little blank.
yeez, I was close to pantscarpping



Ahh! An assymetrical level, with one base at the bottom left and the other in the top right. What is sure that it was irregularly hard a job to balance, and it was worthy, I couldn’t point out any advantage. The leves size is medium. Is fairly easy to learn.



As you mention it at the description, yes, it’s definietly fitting to 2v2s and duels. Trough the testings I myself played it a few times, It is cool, but irregular. oppa TW style The fights are a bit crippled, with the types of 2 damage weapons. Also it’s a little similar to Battle moded levels, as it only has +1 Cs. When I was playing here, the fights weren’t that intense, i usually was just walking around in joy without meeting any enemies. It is sharpened to killing anyway, I think it needs more personal strength than teamplay. The flow is good, I didn’t find it annoying anywhere. It doesn’t give adventage to any characters again.



Mainly, it’s great, the PUs determine the way of the fights, there could be EB, it would make it different though. The FFs are placed out from the playing area, thumb up for that! The PUs and Shield are placed fairly and rightly. Maybe the carrots are a bit closer to the blue base, just a minimal thing. There are enough ammos, but don’t be afraid to put bigger piles of them. The shield as you also mentioned, carries much power. Well, I don’t feel like having anything else to say. Moo



Is that a diamondus remix? Hah!



This level is definitely the shine of the pack. Was worth the time to make and test! Just a little note, the warps leading out to pit requires plus.

92 out of 100

Greedy Buddha


What a name, hah. This is of the not too played gamemode, bank robbery. As you also told above, commenting your own levels, it isn’t made with that effort, what is quite visible.


The lower part of the level feels a bit boring and just looks plain. The tubes are very unnatural and outstanding. However, the background is amazing, I love it! At a few places the eyecandy is cool. Simply lacking the vast work what was put into Sparkling Caves, this tileset has enormous propriaties to utilise. Not eyehurting view. The tubes and the plain walls let you feel artificial what is in the bottom, I’m sad you didn’t work it out, would be a real masterpiece then with that top.



There are in the 4 corners the bases and the banks. They are placed right, but I think that the banks are very hard to defend. There are 2 +1Cs in the middle what keeps the people alive. There are many very fast and easy ways to access the banks. It probably doesn’t make the game bad, but make it a matter of speed. It’s symmertical, so balanced. Minimal time to learn. Nothing irregular, a bit plain.


I didn’t try this online.

There would be a big gush of points, as the banks would be always full of robbers, really, the people wanting to stop them will have a very very hard time. Altrough they can kill them if they stay for too long. It could work properly, but victory will quite depend on the teamplay, whether the bank isn’t filled with too much robbers, and are coming in in right order, to abuse the most gold out. I would love to try it out. Just guessing, I say it would need 3v3+ players. That, the points are got for 100 coins first and then the followings only cost half of it is great idea. The flow is a few times miscoordinated or annoying.



Well, this will be a part where i complain a lot. Fisrt of all, the only PU there is, the toaster isn’t much, and the level is also poor in other simple ammos. Minimally I would put one more PU, damaging 2. No, pepper PU isn’t a significant thing. Secondly, The bases aren’t carrying much potential, only a little ammos. The fire shields there are bugged or something, I didn’t ever get them. Lastly the small Cs on the middle will heal you up against a potential chaser. Again, don’t be afraid to put a lot of ammo out.



I took the time and got it. It’s fitting obviously.



This gamemode is quite underplayed (just like 95% of the gamemodes by the way..), even as there are growing number of good levels in them.
Hard words coming, but this map is significantly decreasing the quality of this upload. You either should’ve put more time/testing to it, or not include it.

72 out of 100

Final Conclusions

Really a precise job done mainly! These rightly made, irregular levels, pointing out the two CTFs, would deserve to be played, however I fear the unorthodoxity will decrease their popularity. Big respect for you sir anyway!

247/300 => 8.2/10

8.2 out of 10


Really, if you have read this, big respect to you too, dear reader!

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