Two Oh One Two

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21 Dec 2012 at 00:00 (Minor update on 27 Aug 2020)

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December 21st 2012. Carrotus, as the rabbits know it, is about to end! Disasters strike the whole planet. Drought, fires, tornadoes floods, epidemic and all you possible can imagine.
The key of this situation is formed by the Calender of the Haya people. During the ages a purple gem slowly passes over it. But with the gem approaching the end of the Calender, which marks the end of the planet, everybody is in huge panic! These disasters clearly are signs to Carrotus going under…

However, there are three rabbits who beg to differ. Jazz, Spaz and Lori suspect that removing the purple gem from its Calender stops the world from going under. The Haya people however think that removing the gem will stop time, thus stopping Carrotus from rotating and that would be the end of it anyways! The only person which joins the thoughts of our three heroes, is the Rich Rabbit, but as being afraid of the reactions of the others he holds himself up on a safe place where nobody will find him. He however has confidence in the rabbits to find him so he can tell them where the Calender is and remove the gem from it.

When Jazz, Spaz and Lori arrive at the mythical region of the Haya people it doesn’t take long before the rabbits end up in jail. It’s up to you to help Jazz, Spaz and Lori on their mission! Help them escape from their prison cell, avoid the attacking Haya people and find your way to the Rich Rabbit! Look for coins and secret areas, solve the puzzles and remove the gem before it’s too late!



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Not recommendedReview by abgrenv

21 Dec 2012, 14:25 (edited 25 Dec 12, 18:27)
Bee Boy Swarm (34 Points)
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I don’t really know what to say about the level. But let’s see.

Normally it doesn’t bother me if the eyecandy isn’t as good, but this is just too simple. I’m not saying it’s ugly but it’s waaaay to simple. Just the background and some purple hills. You could have given the hills blue and yellow colors as well to give it an Eminem song reference. But anyway this is less than basic.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m bad at the game, but as soon as I started the level I didn’t know what to do. There was a trigger crate which didn’t seem to do anything. I needed to use a cheat since I wanted to see the whole level. Well, maybe somethings wrong with me, but I felt that when the level wasn’t boring it was frustrating. These 2 aren’t a good combination. There were too many open areas. The frog warp part was sort of interesting, though it was rather difficult to do without turning into the frog. And the part where I had to go through the walls with layer 3 covered platforms was just annoying. Seriously, I couldn’t decide when I was going int he right direction.

I picked up a lot of weapon types but they weren’t really needed. I didn’t really have a problem with the pickups. But I don’t remember any health carrots in the level. That’s just another bad thing. Didn’t really find many secrets and since the level needs a password I couldn’t check if there were. I don’t think there were gems either. All in all I had the least problems with the pickups.

Can’t say they were well placed. Seemed like you just randomly placed them where you felt they were ok, though since there were a lot of open places you couldn’t actually place them well. What was another annoying thing though, was that every enemy respawned in about 6-7 seconds. That won’t make the level better, especially when there are about 12 ravens in one area.

Sorry to say but you just managed to ruin this as well. The music choice is actually good, BUT once it ends there will be complete silence for around 7-8 minutes. OK I actually heard some background noise but that’s just not enough for the music.

I sort of understand what TreyLina was talking about when saying one of my levels were boring and needed to improve because that’s how I was feeling while playing this. Maybe it’s just me and other will think it’s good but I just didn’t enjoy this level. It’s too long, monoton, and when not that’s because it’s frustrating. One of the few positive things I can say about this level is that there weren’t glitches. I’m not certain that the beginning was a glitch, so I’ll count it as if I was clumsy. The other thing may be the boss fight which wasn’t bad, though when I died it crashed the game.

I certainly don’t recommend this to anyone, you can try it once though but if I didn’t like i tat all I don’t think you will. To be honest I would give it 4.2 if it wouldn’t be Christmas in a few days. So here is a 5.2.

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