Super Substructure

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1 Jun 2013 at 03:25 (Minor update on 1 Jun 2013)

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SyKio (More uploads by SyKio)
Capture the flag
Foly <3, SE, Grytolle and Treylina :-]
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)

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xlmsups.j2l Super Substructure 8.31 kB 31 May 2013
Desolation7th.j2t Desolation7th 295.92 kB 01 Jan 2002
creeper.s3m "Point of Departure" 432.50 kB 08 Mar 2013


This is my APP level to XLM, Level Making Group i hope this level can get me accepted :-]


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RecommendedReview by Rabid Rabb

3 Jun 2013, 16:22 (edited 8 Jun 13, 21:27)
Frog (14 Points)
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Ow, look, a new ctf level, let’s review it!


Super Substructure, interesting name, like rabbits shootin’ around under some factory, nah that’s what you wouldn’t expect!


It’s pleasant, I could say realistic (As much as a level needs to be). At one place (left to the bnc PU) it feels a but confusing first but it’s fastly learnable. The walls are always made with edges, it makes it easy to detect where can you pass. It’s not overdone, though it would be possible to make it more pretty. The tileset offers huge amount of things to use, you didn’t abuse it, but of course, it’s impossible to use everything from it, so I won’t take it as a bad point.
hah, I didn’t find the +1 carrots for a long time.

Rating: 18/25


Ouch! It’s a larger level, and is totally assymetrical, what generates problems here, because the things are arranged closer to one team. All the powerups are closer to the red base, also the spawns are at the bases so. In a 3v3 or 2v2 you will get PUs more often as red at spawnings and this is a bad thing. The layout is quite irregular, what I actually like. One more thing, the bases are very differently structured, what makes it even more (red) basied. It takes moderate time to learn the level and to get used to the flow.

Rating: 6/15

I did not try it online

Due to the layout and the many PUs the amount of carrots are right, as being 1 full and two small. I think it would fit 3v3s likely, also bigger games. There are some campy areas, let’s see what are they: The RF PUs place, which gives a way to try to dd, but it is more like a trap, as you can only get to one place with it, and it’s easily broken by some BNCs. The blue base is easy to defend with seeks, standing at the base, the red is hard to defend fully, because the fly carrot and the tube to the right makes a possibility to get to the base without meeting an enemy.
Now let’s see the flow. This is a part of the level I found a bit annoying. The springs at the right side are weirdly arranged, the spring at 58 31 aren’t putting you properly, also the one at 73 50 can slow you, but these are not problems once you got used to the moving in the level. However, after running around a few times I still found myself at places that I wasn’t intended to go to (for example the Blaster PU by the green spring under it, the place at 55 35; 118 18).
An other problem I think would occur, is that it is disbeneficial to play with Lori/Jazz, bc Spaz’s double jump is useful to get you faster in moving.
Now i was a lot criticizing so I’m now gonna try to focus on positive things. I really like the Red base’s structure, it’s quite interesting and unique. The powerups are nicely chosen to the environment. (RF for horizontal shooting, BNC to spam from above, Toaster to hit when going up or down at bigger vertical falls, though the blaster might not be so necesary)

Rating: 20/30


The PUs and the carrots are rightly placed. There are quite a lot of simple ammo around the level, even too much (a lot of seekers at the right side) I don’t want to go deep into where and why, as so because I didn’t try it online I’m sorry! ._..

Rating: 21/25


The name of it is : ‘Point of Departure’, it’s in the musicdisc ‘Progression’ and the maker of it is ‘Necros’, one of the best tracked music makers so far, he should get the credit for it!
This is a great music in itself. Even though it makes me more think of nature it’s kinda fitting it, additionally because the music itself was inspirated by a documentary of bullet trains (some kind of modern trains) (As Necros explains it in the Track’s info)
You can download ModPlugTracker for free and with that you can play all kinds of tracked musics, also make them, and the info is usually “hidden” at the sample/instrument names.

Rating: 5/5


This is a great level, you are improving a lot, looking at your older levels and mainly that’s why I wanted to award you with a review. If i will try it online I might complete this to help you even more.
I do believe it’s sufficient to get you applied at XLM. Good Job!

7 out of 10

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