Brave Cave

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3 Sep 2013 at 16:20 (Minor update on 7 Sep 2013)

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Rabid Rabb (More uploads by Rabid Rabb)
Capture the flag
Level:RabidRabb, Tileset:Blade, Music:Stefan Xenos. Thanks to: Ragnarok for a few suggestions and feedback, all the people who helped in playtesting.

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LHBC.j2l Brave Cave 10.92 kB 05 Sep 2013
Desert.j2t Desert 50.49 kB 09 Mar 2007 Almagest 766.81 kB 15 Jan 2000


A small sized level with a very special layout, (bases arranged vertically, two full carrots and one small carrot). The outstanding concept it offers is that each team has a full carrot close to their base, which is closed down from one way for the opposing team, thus creating a dead end for the enemy. I was told that the red (which is at the top) is better but I’m not really sure about it, although I tried, and will try to reduce it.

The idea came while examining layouts of popular levels, yet it’s not similar to them, but my aim in making levels was always to add a new and good flavour to the played levels.

The two bases were switched, so red is on top and blue is on the bottom (i just tested if it was possible to score from below)
Really much thanks for the critc, splat, I didn’t realise that the full carrots were too strong, and yet noone noted to me. now i opened their area a bit, and I reworked the top right full carrot’s place so that It will not be so abuseable now. Also, I tested and actually every weapon shots trough the wall for the person who has it closed, so it does not give that big adventage, the bottom wasn’t too abused while playtesting, as it wasn’t too easy to do it, but i also opened the way to it.
I adsuited a few other things in flow and ammo placement. I really hope it’s not red baised now (which is on the top). Anyway let me tell a hint, there is a little platform somewhere under the red base, and that is the place from where you can defeat the camper at the red base.
Oh and the +1 Carrot was removed to make the level more suited to 2v2s.

Anyway, Splat, what do you mean by vibrant colors?


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