Pure Skillz

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4 Sep 2013 at 17:40 (Minor update on 9 Sep 2013)

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master sven (More uploads by master sven)
Capture the flag
Slaz (layer 8), SE, Foly, Cooba, Silver, Razfire and Others.
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)

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ms6.j2l Pure Skillz 3.97 kB 09 Sep 2013
JJ1 Tubelectric NOKA.j2t JJ1 Tubelectric NOKA 124.72 kB 31 Jul 2012
Tubelectric.s3m 96.98 kB 07 May 2000


Only play this level using JJ2+, as it says.

Though this level participates in the JJ.net contest, it wasn’t made for it, only finished.

Players are supposed to start the game the same way as team battle games, they should NOT use /ready (so start without ammo) and stay on the same position as they spawned, so no movement should be on.

Hosts could decide to put /allowready off to make sure no one is cheating.

What’s special about this level is it’s bases system, but mainly the fact that there are no powerups. Normal ammo should be regarded as powerups here, players show their skills by using their ammo control instead of spraying overpowered ammo which could do the job for them.

I hope you will like this level after getting familiar with it and I wish you best of luck, but most importantly: have fun!

Edit: Bug where the flag couldn’t be seen by anyone else than the host is now fixed!


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Quick Reviews Average: 4

Not recommendedPurpleJazz rated 4

The concept was a nice thought, but just doesn’t work well in practice. What results is a painfully slow paced level where blaster skirmishes are frequent. The level tries hard be different, and I agree that ammo spamming should be discouraged. It may live up to it’s name, but the point is that this level is just not fun to play at all.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6.7

Review by master sven

7 Sep 2013, 07:17
Spaz Slackrabbit (121 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings71 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness59%

Im not sure what u mean with the foreground.

The level doesn’t have a lot of ammo because normal ammo is regarded the same as a powerup here. If you would have actually played it in a game you would have seen that it respawns way faster than most ammo in other levels.

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RecommendedReview by Slaz

7 Sep 2013, 16:29 (edited 7 Sep 13, 16:32)
Spaz Slackrabbit (123 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings56 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness90%

Before reviewing, I’d like to say that I didn’t actually host this level or participate in an actual multiplayer session. I merely observed the layout from the perspective of both bases and the road to back and forth, including ammo etc. Still, my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. :P

First thing I noticed was that the gameplay is very speed-based and there’s little room for camping, except maybe in the middle-down area that is only accessable by tubes. Next there’s the obvious (and intended) lack of serious ammo placement and PU’s. I got to say that it’s an unusual design choice but could be interesting especially for 3v3 games that are normally very hectic.

The upper vertical pathways involve sucker events that pull you up, which took me some time to get used to. It feels rather gimmicky to me, and I’d rather see small platforms there. It does however allow you to carelessly hop up allowing for easy speed and flow of the game.

And lastly, the eyecandy and overall look of the level is plain and simple, but OK for the kind of gameplay it’s intended for. The rain/lightning background is dark but pretty original (though I say it, who shouldn’t :P).. There’s little that reminds you it’s actually a Tubelectric level, and the blocky diagonal platforms are ‘foregrounded’ to (again) allow for more speed.

Overall a simple yet original level ideal for a no-nonsense match as the title of the level suggests, but don’t expect a miracle in CTF land. Download recommended, and I think a 6.7 is a good rating here. Don’t take this the wrong way, you should really give this level a go for the purpose it was made for: No-nonsense skill testing, especially for movement speed and team coordination!

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