Winter Hare (J.A.Z.P. Remake)

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22 Nov 2013 at 18:19 (Minor update on 22 Nov 2013)

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Jaseke (More uploads by Jaseke)

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JJ2 - Winter Hare.mp3 White Hare (J.A.Z.P. Remake) 7624.64 kB 19 Nov 2013


I hate the fact that yesterday’s electronic music is getting old. Some golden pieces just wont fit into nowadays playlists. Something must be done.
First time I played Jazz Jackrabbit 2 I was like eight or nine years old. Since that if I’m somehow – even a little – feeling depressed I just call that bunny with a big gun to the resque. And a good game is nothing without gorgeous music tracks and in my opinion Alexander Brandon sure created some.
I wanted to bring one of his songs up to this century. I tried to be as loyal as possible with instruments to compare against the original track. Of course I had to add something of my own which is basicly some nice little melodylines.
I think I still gotta work with the mastering because I don’t find it as pleasing as it could be.
For all of you JJ2 fans,
Enjoy! :)
And very early merry christmas! ^^

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Quick Reviews Average: 8.5

Recommendedminmay rated 8.5

Definitely a few notches above most JJ2 remixes! Good composition work and mixing, though it would be nice if the leads stood out more IMO. I like the drums starting at 2:13.Really disappointing ending though; there’s no interesting resolution. In fact, there’s no resolution at all, it just ends. Overall though, a very good effort.

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