Juan Pablo's Flagrun

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6 Dec 2013 at 18:15 (Minor update on 7 Dec 2013)

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juanpablobouzas (More uploads by juanpablobouzas)
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juanpablo flagrun.j2l Flag Run JUANPABLO 1.31 kB 06 Dec 2013
Top secret ][ 2.j2t Top secret ][ 2 95.53 kB 07 Jul 2013
gto_-_night.mod night 89.39 kB 30 Nov 2013


A FlagRun map made by me…


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Not recommendedDennisKainz rated 5.0

Not really the best flagrun level I ever saw. I can play better flagruns in real life with my friends.

Besides, I don’t really like Top Secret 3. It is TOTALLY off the JJ2 style, and it is super monotonous. But it’s your choice.

At least, you can use pickups almost decently.

And one more thing … Begging for reviews doesn’t help!

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Not recommendedReview by TreyLina

8 May 2014, 20:13
Bee Boy Swarm (45 Points)
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Players usually ignore reviewing poor quality levels, since they usually think the creator will disreguard the critique, or the level is simply too bad to improve on. But hey, since you asked for it, here’s a review.


Really bland and generic. The level creator obviously doesn’t care for eyecandy, probably because he thinks gameplay will excuse for it all, or doesn’t care about decent looking levels

However, good eyecandy provides good first impressions, as it often shows the levelmaker cares about their level. Yeah, there’s no tilebugs, however, it’s really easy to not make tilebugs with this set.


Short summary: A generally cramped, linear level, with no ammo until you reach the campy PU room. It manages to succeed at being chaotic and campy at the same time.

Long summary:

For some reason, the levelmaker decides to add a stupid textstring saying you get kicked if you hurt/kill in the powerup room. So you know, instead of taking measures to not make the room campy, he lazily adds a kick threat. You really think you’re going to stop players from doing that by adding a textstring? And besides, not everyone has the time to moderate a server all the time (implying that admins are going to kick others for abusing poor level design). I also dislike such textstrings because those who are hosting the level (that aren’t you) may not have the same view as you, so it’s pointless.

Camping (staying in a hotspot to get more kills, which is what I think you mean) may be annoying, though it’s not cheating because everyone can do it. You can take measures against it by changing the level design or using a script, which is the best way.

What contributes to campy level design? Linearity, cramped passages, safe hotspots. This level has it all.

Also, the hurt zones are…what? How am I supposed to expect they are there? That’s not a good anti-camping measure. You can make coin warp targets not campy by putting a powerup above warp zone, then putting a ceiling spring above the powerup.

If you have no ammo, and the other player does, you’re pretty much screwed. However, if everyone has blaster, prepare for a lot of camping in the tiny passages. Who likes blasterfights?

What contributes to chaotic level design is a lot of strong/overpowered ammo, lots of green/blue springs (though this level has none of them, so disreguard this point) small layouts, no carrots and cramped passages (yep, it can be chaotic and campy, due to being hard to dodge incoming attacks).

At the top, there’s a row of tiny platforms. I’m not a big fan of tiny platforms, because they sometimes require pin-pointing (which is annoying in a very fast paced game such as JJ2), and also make it too easy to dodge incoming fire by just falling.

Also, there’s a lazy disreguard for Lori support, which could’ve easily been fixed by adding a red spring. (platform above the bottom floor). “But lori suckzz!” well of course she is if you don’t bother making her viable.


Meh….somehow I feel this guy just picked the first module he found on the mod archive and went “This’ll do”. It sounds boring and doesn’t fit.

Overall, I don’t recommend this level for the reasons above.

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Review by juanpablobouzas

21 Dec 2013, 18:02 (edited 22 Jun 14, 20:46 by juanpablo123)
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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hello?! why the hell nobody review?!?!? oh gees…
EDIT: You’re late, nigga. I was about to delete this pointless crap.

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