Rocket Powered Rabbits

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8 Feb 2014 at 23:28 (Minor update on 6 Nov 2016)

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sAlAmAnDeR (More uploads by sAlAmAnDeR)
Single player
Violet CLM, mdnchmr, blacky, and various other people who helped me test it.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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salrocket.j2l Rocket Powered Rabbits 8.60 kB 31 Dec 2013
Space Warbase Edit.j2t Space Warbase Edit 140.93 kB 02 Nov 2013 Odyssey boss theme 334.03 kB 14 Dec 2001
alert.xm 829.46 kB 19 May 2011
circus_experience.xm circus experience 665.92 kB 21 Apr 2013
cyn_-_rpg_boss.xm rpg_boss 1976.00 kB 16 Oct 2007
zadan1.xm techno chip 56.06 kB 19 Jul 2013
GYRATION.MOD gyration 135.00 kB 18 Jan 2000
castlemania.s3m Nightvision - Sandman/KFM 673.17 kB 12 Jun 2013
s2boss.s3m Boss the Boss... 220.44 kB 06 Sep 2002
ffvictory.mp3 Victory Fanfare -original- fro 1726.61 kB 01 Nov 2013
Record.mp3 20.07 kB 08 Dec 2013
salrocket.j2as 122.49 kB 09 Jan 2016


Rocket Powered Rabbits (RPR) is a vertical scrolling map using rockets for propulsion. Featuring over 4000 lines of angelscript, several custom bosses and enemies, timed and music synchronized fight sequences, and 10 music files, RPR is a very ambitious level. The boss fights are designed to challenge even veteran JJ2 players, and yet each of them has a strategy that when executed correctly could allow you to beat them without taking damage. Button mashers be warned, trying to win by “brute force” will be nigh impossible.

A video playthrough is available in case you are having difficulty. It is available here:

Note that this level is designed to be played in COOP. To run it you should host a server in coop mode. You can play alone, or with others.

There may be a couple of minor bugs. I may or may not fix them in the future.

EDIT: 11/5/2016 – Fixed the level to work with new plus


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.5

RecommendedÄÉæÛÕ rated N/A

We have a way to shoot stuff in the direction of the mouse now?! I sure missed a lot..

I couldn’t play the level since I don’t have TSF, but I watched your playthrough, and it looks like a lot of fun to play in coop! I feel that personally I would get bored on the long parts of boss fights, but playing in coop would stop that from happening.

[Don’t rate levels you haven’t played ~cooba]

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 9.5

Definitely one of the most interesting SP releases in the last couple of years. The time and effort taken to write the incredibly long script was worth it, as this level plays unlike anything that has been made up until now. Expect a certain frustration factor, however the overall experience is ultimately satisfying. Download highly recommended!

RecommendedFoly rated 9.5

Awesome! It’s good to see you are still making AS levels and this one is just incredible and original. The thing I found most frustrating is that I keep clicking out of the screen but I guess this is also a bit my fault. I’ve only played this SP and I’m looking forward to play with others ;)

RecommendedLoon rated 9.4

I’m not questioning your scripting skills. The level looks outstanding despite the fact that the tileset is pretty blocky. But I’m here to rate the map, not the tileset.
No more further explanation, this level is mindblowing!
And for this, we thank you. (Or atleast I do!)

Download recommended.

RecommendedSuperjazz rated 9.4

Welcome to the league of (D)raven.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 9.8

RecommendedReview by ForthRightMC

3 May 2016, 16:35 (edited 15 Sep 16, 11:11)
CTF Bug (8 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings8 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness10%

Very cool level! I played it many times that I can’t forget about this, the gameplay, eyecandy, custom flyboom objects and the vertical level were amazing!


I also know some cool music, because some of them are used i n other levels, while the others were used for the first time.

I also like the start of level, countdown themed, and some custom sounds were used in AngelScript code.

Boss battles were amazing, unfortunately there is a bug that prevents triggering final battle, it has to be fixed.

Enemies like ravens and laser sparks are so incredible, but the bug of bat enemy means taht I can’t see them. But the space fish are also cool and dangerous.

I know Why I can’t play this level, because there are lots of words private in AngelScript code, so I removed them and it works.

But the download is highly recommended! Keep up the good work!

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