Labrat Planet

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17 Mar 2014 at 23:00 (Minor update on 26 Mar 2014)

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Ande300 (More uploads by Ande300)
Single player
All creditz to the deveployers and me!

File contents

DONT READ THIS README!!!!!!!.txt 1.59 kB 20 Mar 2014
THEA.j2l IT'S BONUS TIME! FUN TIME...... 5.01 kB 17 Mar 2014
THEA0.j2l Space 1.79 kB 20 Mar 2014
THEA1.j2l Labratory - Diamond finder... 12.39 kB 20 Mar 2014
THEA2.j2l Labratory - Night party! 6.49 kB 20 Mar 2014
THEA3.j2l Labratory - Radioactive... 7.72 kB 20 Mar 2014
THEA4.j2l Labratory - Clift... 20.09 kB 20 Mar 2014
THEA5.j2l Labratory - Electro power... 11.93 kB 20 Mar 2014
THEA6.j2l Christmas time. 17.25 kB 20 Mar 2014
THEA7.j2l Ice cold day... 9.75 kB 20 Mar 2014
THEA8.j2l Ending. 8.02 kB 20 Mar 2014
HolidaiusN.j2t JJ1 Holidaius Night 72.97 kB 05 Mar 2003
Labrat1N.j2t Labrat 1 Night 193.48 kB 06 Jan 1999
Noka - Labrat 2.j2t Noka - Labrat 2 199.78 kB 07 Oct 2006
Noka - Labrat.j2t Noka - Labrat 199.78 kB 07 Oct 2006
Top3.j2t Top secret ][ 95.97 kB 21 Jul 2001
xlmdamn2.j2t Damn + Night 225.33 kB 25 Dec 2006
xmaspack.j2t Christmas Pack 65.67 kB 19 Aug 1998
Xmas1.j2b 60.34 kB 24 Jan 1999 [< Whole New World >] 111.72 kB 18 Nov 2004
3ddemo.mod 3d demo tune 143.39 kB 10 Aug 1995
jttcoc00.mod night guard 382.47 kB 20 Nov 2004
metal.mod 409.43 kB 11 Sep 1998
REGRET.MOD 502.93 kB 27 Jun 1999
song10.s3m ush (maxi re-mix) 109.95 kB 15 Jan 1998


Well… Play it. It’s really fun!

There are 5 labrat levels.
2 Snow and 1 lava level…

Check the “DONTREADME!”

CHECK MY NEW “Flappy Rabbit” OUT NOW!!! :D


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Not recommendedReview by Stijn

4 Jan 2015, 16:53
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (448 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings281 Featured reviews13 Average helpfulness87%

A large pack usually calls for a large review, but there isn’t anything especially interesting to say of this pack unfortunately. It’s not that it’s bad – it isn’t – but it’s jut a bit …generic. All levels are more or less the same: large, sparse eyecandy, LOTS of enemies, little challenge beyond avoiding the enemies.

Which isn’t especially hard either with Spaz’s karate kick, but many enemies respawn quickly and there are some parts where you have to avoid warps or time your jumps well. As such it happens that you’ve just cleared a platform and are then hurt or killed by an army of baddies spawning right on top of you. Not exactly ideal, but on the other hand they’re mostly placed on flat platforms with lots of space above them so in many cases the best solution is to simply jump over them.

As said, there’s nothing wrong with these levels – they’re just not very interesting to play. Some more variety would’ve done wonders – different tilesets, more puzzles, enemies placed in such a way that they’re harder to avoid. And maybe don’t set the “next level” setting of each level to “Data.j2d” ;)

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