Flappy Rabbit v2

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26 Mar 2014 at 17:22

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Ande300 (More uploads by Ande300)
Single player

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DONT READ THIS README!!!!!!!.txt 1.01 kB 26 Mar 2014
Extra.j2l Flappy Boss 4.60 kB 26 Mar 2014
Flappy.j2l Flappy Rabbit Fun 3.04 kB 26 Mar 2014
FlappyStory1.j2l Flappy Fun 7.73 kB 26 Mar 2014
FlappyStory2.j2l Banana flappy... 6.96 kB 26 Mar 2014
FlappyStory3.j2l Flappy night... 4.79 kB 26 Mar 2014
Flappy-Rabbit.j2t Flappy-Rabbit 7.77 kB 21 Mar 2014
FlappyFun.j2t FlappyFun 13.83 kB 25 Mar 2014
FlappyFunV2BETA.j2t FlappyFunV2BETA 16.11 kB 25 Mar 2014
FlappyFunV3BETA.j2t FlappyFunV3BETA 29.44 kB 26 Mar 2014
gj-wnw.it [< Whole New World >] 111.72 kB 18 Nov 2004
3ddemo.mod 3d demo tune 143.39 kB 10 Aug 1995
jttcoc00.mod night guard 382.47 kB 20 Nov 2004
REGRET.MOD 502.93 kB 27 Jun 1999


Alot of changes and even new flappy tilesets!!! Check it out now! :D


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Review by Stijn

4 Jan 2015, 14:57 (edited 4 Jan 15, 14:57)
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The title of these levels suggests that the gameplay is inspired by the Flappy Bird games. And indeed the first 10 seconds or so involve the player manoeuvring between pipes like in that game, but fortunately the gameplay similarities end there and the rest of this pack is more of a standard Jazz Jackrabbit 2 single player experience, albeit in levels made with tilesets inspired by Flappy Bird’s graphics.

When I say “standard” I mean to say that the levels play out much like the official Jazz Jackrabbit 2 levels: lots of easily-killed enemies, coin warps, some jumping and trigger puzzles, useless pickups (what have diamonds ever done for me?) and lots of blocks to destroy. It’s good enough in what it does; things never get challenging and level design could’ve been a bit more creative but the levels are perfectly functional as a short casual diversion. The final boss even changes things up a bit by hiding a Schwarzenguard in a giant Flappy Bird which you then have to kill with electroblasters only. It’s things like that that make a level interesting and I’d have liked to have seen a bit more of that kind of creativity.

Sadly there’s not much else of that and coupled with the rather dull tilesets (Flappy Bird doesn’t have much in the way of graphics to steal of course, but that’s not much of an excuse) this pack is fairly forgettable. Not bad by any means, just not very interesting either. But I think with a bit of added creativity Ande300 could certainly make some interesting things in the future.

All in all this is not brilliant, but not bad either. Download if you want to have a bit of casual single player fun, but there are better levels out there.

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