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10 Jul 2014 at 00:08 (Minor update on 10 Jul 2014)

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Seren (More uploads by Seren)
Level, script and tileset edit by Sir Ementaler of LH; betatesting by TreyLina; original tileset by Thrifty; music by sobber & zalza.
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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SEdec.j2l Decimation 4.83 kB 09 Jul 2014
IceDileriaSE.j2t IceDileria SE 40.80 kB 09 Jul 2014
SEdec.j2as 60.25 kB 10 Jul 2014
blackbox.mo3 231.75 kB 11 Apr 2014


Slightly late birthday release.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9

RecommendedThunderWalker rated 9

Wait no reviews for this? Even if the level itself is a complete gimmick, it has such creative coding, and all appears to work fine. Eyecandy is nothing special but more than sufficient, and pickup placement is alright too. Layout works well with the script – but is also very dependant on it.
Still a 9/10, purely for the creativity of the script. Download recommended!

Edit: Can’t post it as a quick review for some reason despite it originally having less than 350 characters. Raise that limit for fairies’ sake.


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RecommendedReview by ShadowGPW

10 Feb 2015, 10:24
Bee Boy Swarm (47 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings39 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness85%

This level is the first time in my life that i’ve encountered scripting. This is absolutely amazing, I love what you have done with the weapons and how it behaves. In my opinion this feels much more fair then the traditional hearths system as we know and love from vanilla Jazz.

The eyecandy is flatout simple and doesn’t realy stand out in any way, this however has more to do with the limited tileset then with the creator. The level design is fine for the script the level uses. It makes the level so much more fun.

I absolutely recommend downloading this level and give it a spin. It is so much fun.

Note to author, please make more levels with this script. I just adore it!

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