House Adventure

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26 Jul 2014 at 19:43 (Minor update on 27 Jul 2014)

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jazz2fun (More uploads by jazz2fun)
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House (806.96 kB)

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House Adventure 2.j2l Party Home 5.69 kB 25 Jul 2014
House Adventure 3.j2l House Garden 4.74 kB 27 Jul 2014
House Adventure 4.j2l Happy Town 5.84 kB 27 Jul 2014
House Adventure 5.j2l Grass field 3.64 kB 27 Jul 2014
House Adventure 6.j2l Let' Go Rabbit House 5.58 kB 27 Jul 2014
House Adventure.j2l Using House 5.96 kB 25 Jul 2014
HauntedH1.j2t Haunted House 353.15 kB 18 Feb 1999 Jazz Belmont 712.19 kB 26 Jul 1998


House Adventure 100% Completed

Using House Living in Fun Party And
Garden Race And Others

Haunted House Tile Set Used

You can Play enjoy My TSF 6 Maps

Others Enemy And Party Foods Contains
Big House And Apartment Style Map
Now Download Very Fun


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Not recommendedReview by Slaz

9 Aug 2014, 17:54 (edited 9 Aug 14, 17:56)
Spaz Slackrabbit (119 Points)
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This pack takes you through 6 fairly short Single Player levels all using the Haunted House tileset.

The gameplay involves traditional JJ2 gameplay in a more linear level design. In all 6 level you start moving to the right and will eventually move up and turn around once or twice until reaching the end point.

The biggest problem I had with these levels is the utter lack of consistency. A lot of different enemies show up not really fitting in a haunted house, and there is enough (evenly diverse) food to get at least 3 Sugar Rushes. 1ups are spread all over the place, ammo is mostly Seekers, Freezers, and some Toasters.

The tileset usage is mediocre, but not distractively bad. There are little to no tilebugs, yet eyecandy and diversity are almost nonexistent. The background is just the layer 8 texture, with some levels having the textured BG enabled while others don’t, which is another weird inconsistency.

I assume this is your first run in JCS, so I try not to be too harsh here and add a little to the 4.5 rating I would’ve given it. I think a 5.2 is alright now, but in your next level(s) you should focus on the things I pointed out above. Even if that means it’s going to be shorter, as a short yet memorable level is better than a long, linear one.

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