2014 SUMMER Beach Battle (updated)

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28 Jul 2014 at 14:18

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Ja22 Jackrabbit (More uploads by Ja22 Jackrabbit)
Created and tested by me.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)

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2014 SUMMER Beach Battle (UPDATED).txt 0.85 kB 28 Jul 2014
SummerBeachBattle.j2l Summer Beach Battle 2.25 kB 28 Jul 2014
City1g.it Streetwize 886.54 kB 25 Jun 1998


Hi everyone!
I uploaded 2014 SUMMER Beach Battle map a few days ago, and, well, we must say that it wasn’t so good. It had tilebugs, not respawning and not enough weapons, and it was small. Well, everybody can take a breath! I created an updated version, where:
- bugs are fixed
- the map is fully re-created
- there are lot of weapons and secret places
Read more in the text file! Oh, and another important thing: you can run this map in 1.23 too, because I just CREATED IT in TSF+.
Enjoy good summer days!


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Review by TreyLina

28 Jul 2014, 23:20 (edited 2 Aug 14, 02:12)
Bee Boy Swarm (45 Points)
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EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot there’s generators now. I didn’t check in JCS, my bad.

You know you can just update an existing upload right? You don’t need to make a new one.

To be blunt, I don’t feel like reviewing this in detail anymore. It still has a lot of the same flaws as before (tilebugs everywhere, questionable layout, a giant bottom path of nothing), and I don’t want to repeat myself.

Fortunately, the screenshots are a lot more bearable. They’re saved as JPEG for some reason though. Stick to PNG.

However, there are a few improvements, with there being more pickups and another start pos and some more layout, albeit no effort to make it tile with the tileset, which is the main flaw of this level.

Also counting a level version as plus isn’t meant to be used that way on J2O. It’s whether the level requires plus to play it. However, saving a level on TSF JCS makes it require 1.24 unless you have 1.23+. However there is a TSF to 1.23 level converter (and yes, you can load 1.23 levels in tsf jcs).

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Review by Louis K

1 Oct 2014, 02:39
CTF Bug (1 Points)
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block the Cllif is good idea for protect the player from the hell-(and..real hell was opened)-.

but I’d like to suggest some of these problems

1.Tilebugs : I’m kinda wondering that it was updated. it seems still broken and background pattern is.. not so fine. maybe it should be textured background or updated to another pattern I think.

2.‘Only one’ respawn area : Some battle maps only have one respawn area. but commonly, battle mode need various respawn area ‘a lot’.(for prevent the rude play)

3.BGM : this map uses official JJ2 music source. that is not problem but.. it doesn’t unmatched.. BGM City1g is pretty good music itself, but it’s not a good choice for this map. because main subject of this map is ‘Summer Beach’, not City. So probably, it should to replaced to another proper musics.

4.Water : There is no water level event on this map. I was imagine the swiming pool or beach as it titled, but my imagine was blown up :P

After that, it can be rated much higher than about 6 or more I guess.
I love your passion!

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