Castle of camp

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12 Oct 2014 at 18:13

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Blckrosz (More uploads by Blckrosz)
Capture the flag

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br.j2l Castle of camp 2.53 kB 12 Oct 2014
silent_castle_music.xm the inconceptual one 98.55 kB 12 Jan 2010


Finally, my first map is done! :)
Warning, the map is campy! ;)


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.8

RecommendedJelly Jam rated 10

Well, This looks really good for a first map :D

PurpleJazz rated 5.5

foly’s review summed up the level quite nicely. however given the obviously biased rating that this level has been given i feel the need to downrate this a bit. seriously overrated

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Review by Foly

18 Oct 2014, 15:05 (edited 18 Oct 14, 15:11)
CTF Bug (6 Points)
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Well first of all it’s good to see you started levelmaking, there has been a really lack of them especially in ctf/battle. I will just give some basic advice of what I think that could help you and some thoughts:

First of all, the level felt good to play in. It might not be of mappool quality but for a first level I think it’s original and fun to play.

As you said, the level is campy. However this might not always be bad and I think it’s not disastrous here. You can throw bouncers in the seeker box and rf the blue base a bit. Still, putting seekers at the carrot area/red base/blue base and limiting the acces to the rf pu might make those areas too campy. Usually to avoid this you can make an area more open or accessible.

The ammo placed at the diagonal ceiling makes it annoying to get, the other ammo/pu placement is fine.

As for the overal level layout, vertical levels are usually very biased and therefore more difficult to make. It’s nice that your level isn’t symmetric but perhaphs try making a more horizontal level since those are more suited to the JJ2 gameplay (which is running like you are being chased by a zombie chicken).

Even though many of the areas are very small the flow is still decent. Still, you should try to avoid 1 tile passages and also too many 2 tile passages. Keep in mind that you want to create both safe areas and dangerous areas which contain pu’s. It’s usually a matter of balancing open and more closed area. And also it is important that the player can move smoothly between them without too much annoyance.

Three carrots is fine, but one carrot or two makes the game usually more exciting since you allow the teams to get control in the level by controlling the big carrot and make it more risky to get it.

As for the eyecandy, it’s nice and calm which is perfect for a good ctf level since you want to focus more on gameplay than singleplayer. However for next levels it could be nice to add some eyecandy to specific areas to distuingish them from other areas. This makes the level more appealing and unique.

This is most of what I can say to you at the moment. Hopefully you’ll continue making levels and if so, have fun! x)

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