Stone Abyss

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26 Oct 2014 at 11:45 (Minor update on 15 Mar 2018)

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Bloody_Body (More uploads by Bloody_Body)
Single player
Me. Diamondus tileset was edited by Fawful. I also used some mechanics from "snippets" section. Violet helped me to fix some script problems.
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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readme.txt 4.15 kB 10 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss1.j2l Donut Casemate 25.40 kB 25 Sep 2017
StoneAbyss10.j2l Insect Utopia 23.51 kB 08 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss11.j2l Realm of Death 20.77 kB 08 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss12.j2l Satans Horns 22.25 kB 08 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss2.j2l Vegetarian Barbarian 21.53 kB 09 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss3.j2l Plumbing Climbing 25.08 kB 30 Dec 2017
StoneAbyss4.j2l Suburban Daredevil 26.65 kB 27 Jan 2018
StoneAbyss5.j2l Steampunk Intoxication 21.30 kB 08 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss6.j2l Crappy Crabs 24.99 kB 09 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss7.j2l Stinky Toad 27.54 kB 08 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss8.j2l Transistor Effect 24.30 kB 09 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss9.j2l Thunder Wander 28.17 kB 14 Mar 2018
Beach3k.j2t Beach3k 208.22 kB 04 Oct 2017
CarrotSA11.j2t CarrotSA11 237.05 kB 18 Apr 2017
CarrotSA9.j2t CarrotSA9 207.29 kB 17 Mar 2017
Castle2N5.j2t Castle2N5 135.36 kB 08 Mar 2017
ColonSA8.j2t ColonSA8 171.36 kB 07 Jul 2016
DiamGardenFix.j2t Diamondus Garden 283.75 kB 21 Sep 2013
ImprDamn_Ash3.j2t ImprDamn_Ash3 196.09 kB 26 Jun 2016
ImprovedMedivoEvil3.j2t ImprovedMedivoEvil3 224.48 kB 12 Oct 2014
Inf_4.j2t Inf_4 278.33 kB 28 Feb 2018
Jungle 3M.j2t Jungle 3M 225.22 kB 12 Oct 2015
Labrat2N22.j2t Labrat2N22 203.70 kB 01 Mar 2017
MedivoSAA2.j2t MedivoSAA2 230.22 kB 07 Mar 2017
Psych2c10.j2t Psych2c10 171.38 kB 22 Mar 2017
TubeSA2g.j2t TubeSA2g 78.16 kB 08 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss1.j2as 4.11 kB 24 Sep 2017
StoneAbyss10.j2as 4.46 kB 09 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss11.j2as 14.63 kB 09 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss12.j2as 9.10 kB 09 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss2.j2as 8.12 kB 23 Jan 2018
StoneAbyss3.j2as 16.73 kB 09 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss4.j2as 5.45 kB 09 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss5.j2as 31.28 kB 09 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss6.j2as 6.00 kB 10 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss7.j2as 11.05 kB 09 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss8.j2as 21.32 kB 14 Mar 2018
StoneAbyss9.j2as 3.53 kB 15 Mar 2018


Actually it’s a scripted remake of original JJ2 story.

UPDATE March 9 2016

1) Two new levels. 1.“Stinky Toad”- diamondus level with a witch and bee-swarms. The level has a scripted recolor. 2. “Insect Utopia”- jungle level with butterflies. These levels don’t have bosses.
2) Last level “Satan Horns” now has Bubbas as regular enemies. They are similar to the Bubbas in “Tweedle Wheedle”, another work of mine, except the fact that these Bubbas attack you with fireballs, they don’t spit at you. Final boss (Bilsy) is now much harder to defeat- you can hit him only with physical attacks.
3) As I’m fond of recolors, each boss scene causes seamless transition of level’s colors.
4) Small layout changes like more spin-roads in castle and bigger size of last level. I also removed a bug in castle, when player could be stucked into v-pole.

UPDATE June 7 2016

1) New colonius level- “Suburban Daredevil”
2)Two new scripted bosses (Rocket Turtle in “Suburban Daredevil” and Witch as a boss in “Stinky Toad”) Now each level has a boss and a scripted recolor whitch appears in the beginning of the boss fight. I added Devil Devan as a final boss and Bisly as a boss in “Insect Utopia”. I also added Bilsy as a scripted enemy to the last level.
3) I’ve drawn some new graphics like spikes and teddybears in “Suburban Daredevil”, new gargoyle in “Thunder Wander” and so on.
4) New mechanics like fastfeet and bird which is able to fire all types of the bullets. Both of this features can be used to defeat new scripted bosses.

UPDATE March 19 2017

1) Three new levels- Carrotus (“Vegetarian Barbarian”), Laboratory (“Plumbing Climbing”) and Psychodelic (“Steampunk Intoxication”)- the boss of the last level is Tweedle, you can remember his behavior if you’ve played my previous level Tweedle Wheedle. In this version Tweedle’s animation and teleportation flaws were fixed.
2) All the bosses are situated at their native planets now. The planets that originally didn’t have a boss have a scripted/custom/unused one- RocketTurtle,Tweedle,Witch, Bilsy…
3) Changed the tileset of Diamondus level. I also added leave particles there. And Carrotus level uses rain particles.
4) Some new JCS stuff like Super gems and gem-stomps of different colors.
5) Some levels obtained new enemies (I added cats (or foxes or whatever they are) to Jungle)
6) Minor changes in layouts of some levels.

UPDATE March 9 2018

1) Yeah, finally all the 12 levels are ready! It means that there are 3 new levels in this update – Beach (“Crappy Crabs”), Tubelectric (“Transistor Effect”) and Inferno (“Realm of Death”). The boss of Tubelectric level is Falling Devan, very simular to its analog in plusEnscripted.
2) There are some new mechanics like freezers in Inferno level.
3) Some levels’ layouts and eyecandy were slightly modified. I won’t bother to list all of those minor changes, but there are plenty of them.
4) I added new enemies to some levels (for example, there are now Ravens in Colony. The lack of flying enemies in the upper side of the level was obvious)
5) Bolly boss was seriously buffed, the buttstomping strategy won’t work now, so henceforth it won’t be so easy to defeat this lad!

Please report of any bugs!


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.3

SmokeNC rated 9

Good levels! I enjoyed playing each one of them
Expected more creative bosses tho :)

RecommendedNarsist rated 9.7

There’s a good and creative enemy using styles, a lot of ways to get some goodies, a feeling of the boss-scene-palette. Sometimes I lost my way but it was a good journey.
I’d love to give 10, but not giving for some little eyecandy flaws. It’s good for the all SP lovers.

RecommendedZoro rated 8.5

That was fun and challenging. Thank you for bringing back the JJ2 nostalgia feeling.

RecommendedJelly Jam rated 9.5

These levels are very well made. Please make some more.
However, Tweedle is bugged. Once he took my ammo, he disappeared. I later found him, he was just invisible and couldn’t do anything. I just stomped him until he was dead. Fix that somehow, but other than that it’s all great!

EDIT: The creator fixed everything! Download recommended!

Recommendedsplupto rated 10

incredible level pack with tons of cut features, the levels are huge and challenging yet still pretty damn fun.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 9.8

RecommendedReview by Primpy

3 May 2016, 09:34 (edited 27 Mar 17, 19:33)
Frog (21 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness58%

This is genuinely one of the best SP level packs I’ve ever played. Please keep updating Stone Abyss, it’s wonderful. I highly recommend people to play this! The levels are fairly challenging and the eyecandy is beautiful, if not almost perfect. I had very few issues with this game, which I mentioned below.

-Stinky Toad is simply cruel. C r u e l . Also, the olive-ish color of the level disappears upon death, at least that’s what happened to me. Could you at least add one more checkpoint? It’s just way too frustrating.
-Bilsy is insanely hard to beat. What gave you the idea of making it even harder, Bilsy was already pretty much the hardest boss in the game. Plus the boss area makes it extremely hard to beat him, even with the carrots. Maybe reducing his damage per hit could be a solution?
-Bubba (Thunder Wander) disappears when you go off-screen and the boss fight never ends. I had to use “jjnext” cheat to pass that.

In the rest, I had no problems with the level pack. It’s very very fun, you should give it a shot.

(I played on Medium difficulty, just in case you are wondering.)

I’m really glad you updated the level pack. It’s way less frustrating and more enjoyable now. Just two little things I would like to note:
-The witch can be easily killed while hanging on the rope and shooting bouncers above or using homing missiles.
-I got stuck as Spaz in the platform in right of Eva in Stinky Toad and the only way to get out (I went in the wall next to the platform) was to use “jjk” (I tried using “jjmorph” to become a bird and “jjfly”, none worked).

Anyway, really good level pack. I’ll give a 9.7 this time. Not flawless but not far from being! c:

Edit 2:
Oh my god, the update made it even better. Can’t wait for new levels :)’

Edit 3:
Three more levels and this keeps going. I can’t help myself but give this pack a 10/10. It’s the best level pack I ever played (and I tried lots, very few are those that I truly enjoyed).

3 of 3 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by SaVn

6 Oct 2015, 11:52 (edited 2 Nov 15, 09:02)
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness10%

Nice levels!
These levels are big used new versions of classic tilesets!

Donut Casemate
Eyecandy: Very nice, there’s also a slide (not useful tile), there’s the boss, instead of Queen boss, is Shwarzenguard boss.
And has added new tiles in ImprCast tilesets.
Gameplay: Ok!, The start area is similiar from Dungeon Dilemma (Castle level 1)
Weapon placement: Ok!
Enemy placement: Good
Bugs: There’s a bug in mask’s vertical pole in all versions of ImprCast.
Rating: 98%

Thunder Wander
Eyecandy: Good!
Gameplay: okay, is very long. There’s the boss also in this level, instead of Bolly boss, is Bubba boss.
Weapon placement: Very good!!!!!
Enemy placement: Very Good!
Bugs: He used tileset ImprMedEvilly instead of ImprMedEvil.
Rating: 90%

Satans Horns
Eyecandy: Okay!!!
Gameplay: Very huge this level but is good the gameplay, There’s the boss also in this level, instead of Devan boss, is Bilsy boss.
And finally for fixing the mask of the vines in the ImprDamn conversions, also has added new tiles in these conversions.
Weapon placement: Good!
Enemy placement: GooD!
Bugs: No bugs!
Rating: 86%


Overall: 10
This episode is very GreaT!!!!!

Download Reccomandation? Yes! Try NoW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 of 3 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by ForthRightMC

25 May 2016, 17:21 (edited 14 Mar 18, 19:58)
CTF Bug (8 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings8 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness15%

I really like these designs I played it. I also know how to make transition of levels colors in Boss fights, and making scripted colors in some levels, like red, blue turquoise etc.
I recommend other users to download this.

10/10 HYPE!

I know how to use transitions of colors in boss battles from other tilesets, they are so cool. These battles are so cool for me. If only that I can insert weapon code which I remembered – Ozymandius Weapons Code! It can make to pass the levels a bit easier.

I really like the updates! Are you sure you can make tileset remakes from other jj2 episodes? I’m thinking Carrotus, Labrat, Psych, Beach, Tubelectric and Inferno.

By the way, I also know some music I used. It is mainly made by Christopher Emirzian, also known as Udderdude. I’ll send you a site that you can download them.

Keep up on future projects!

Edit: I’m currently testing beta levels of new locations

Edit2: The scripted bosses look very good, I will use them in my level versions I wish

Edit3: Finally the pack is now complete!

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