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20 Dec 2014 at 18:56 (Minor update on 4 Jan 2015)

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Diamboss.j2l Diamondus Boss 2.06 kB 22 Dec 2014
DiambDay.j2t Diamondus ? Day 247.22 kB 16 Nov 2004


Finally, after learning a little bit how to use JCS, I made my very first map. As I love bosses I decided on making it a boss map. It contains a small map using the Beta Diamondus tileset, with lots of ammo and powerups. The point is beating Devan Shell.

-Added textured backgrounds.
-Devan not going through walls anymore!
-Added a secret shield.
-The map is smoother.
-Added Ice powerup.
-After finishing the map, the ending scene is shown.
-Minor bugs.

Please leave a review, good or bad (as long as it’s fair and detailed). Enjoy the map! :-)


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Quick Reviews Average: 4.7

Bipper. rated N/A

Good Job.It’s one of the best fan-made maps that i saw. Continue with that!

[I’m keeping this review for laughs. Original rating 10. ~cooba]

Karlnt31 rated N/A

One awesome map.

[See above. ~cooba]

Qwekz rated 4.7

It was a kinda short map, the boss wasn’t a big of a deal, but not the easiest. The bee nest was a random thing that wasn’t necesary at all. It is a nice map for a first one.

Ja22 rated N/A

Well, if you call my map bad…
Your level has the same problems as mine. There’s a very big space to the left of the chamber, the wallpaper is repeating. All I can say.

[You should actually download and play the level before rating it, not just comment on its preview. Original rating: 6.0 ~Stijn]

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 5.1

Review by Bloody_Body

3 May 2015, 10:42 (edited 23 Mar 18, 19:13)
Bee Boy Swarm (36 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings32 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness93%

I remember downloading this level when it had just appeared in J2O… That time it wasn’t worth playing, but seems that you had improved it.
I really like the idea of custom boss fights, but it would be much more enjoyable to resurrect some of unused bosses… For example, some of tilesets like Colon, Psych, Diam,Tube,Jungle were deprived of bosses in the original JJ2. It would be much cooler if you tried to make some of unused bosses with Angel Script and placed them into the planets that didn’t have a boss in original levels! I don’t even speak about Bilsy (If I’m not mistaken it was supposed to be situated in Jungle) which works well without Angel Script. If you manage to make something like that, I’d go mad with joy and give you 10.0.

Now what about this level.

I liked the tileset you’ve used- it looks great, but maybe you should have used a recolored version of it, since there are plenty of its recolors in J2O.

I agree with Stijn, the level is too big to make the boss fight difficult enough. Firstly, I was a bit confused by a big unused area in the upper part of the level, however it’s probably just nitpicking, as this empty area doesn’t have any impact on anything… There are also some flipped spikes in the left side of the level, you could make them hurt the player by placing some event like bees at them. The area available for the running form of Devan is to small, so you can easily defeat him with not powered-up bouncers while staying in a safe place in the lower right corner of the arena. Maybe you should reduce the slope, so Devan would be able to reach that area. The respawning bee can be easily avoided (if you aren’t gonna break that TV-sets) as it’s situated far from the boss. Too much powerups and carrots… I don’t see any sence in them. Boss isn’t hard even without them. And finally, hard difficulty adds nothing.

Yeah, I’ve seen those falling leaves. That’s fine. But why didn’t you use the trees, mountains and a lake in the background? The way you’ve made it the level shares the same problem with Haunted House: an empty background! Just a bare sky! However, I liked the use of flowers, shrooms, small trees, ect on the 4th layer, so it doesn’t look too dull. Looks like you have some sence of beauty!

In the conclusion I’d like to say that you’re not a bad level-maker, everything is tidy, good-looking, the secret with a shield isn’t too obvious, I wish you to believe in yourself and make some bigger single player levels someday.

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