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29 Dec 2014 at 17:26

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Castle Snow Night.j2t Castle Snow Night 238.93 kB 21 Jul 2014
Castle Snow.j2t Castle Snow 244.80 kB 01 Jul 2014
Casualty Mine Snow.j2t Casualty Mine Snow 227.06 kB 21 Dec 2014
Cave Story Redone Snow.j2t Cave Story IntHum (Snow) 369.58 kB 21 Jul 2014
Cave Story Redone.j2t Cave Story IntHum 375.32 kB 19 Sep 2014
Town Day Snow.j2t Town House 4 Snow 215.89 kB 17 Jun 2014
Town Dusk Snow.j2t Town House 3 Snow 217.34 kB 17 Jun 2014
Town Evening Snow.j2t Town House 2 Snow 217.31 kB 17 Jun 2014
Town Night Redone.j2t Town House 1 214.96 kB 17 Jun 2014
Town Night Snow.j2t Town House 1 Snow 216.99 kB 17 Jun 2014


A set of tilesets made by others, adapted to snow versions through palette alteration and through the addition of snow tiles (Town 1 Redone and Cave Story Redone being the two exceptions).

The desire to make these was heavily inspired by the relative lack of snow-themed tilesets, even though so many tilesets have been made by the J2O community. Not being even a remotely skilled artist, I have had no choice but to take tiles that others have made and simply paste them into my redone versions. Cave Story and Town House 1, however, were good tilesets that needed some repairs, and those have been included in this file.

Some of the tilesets have had more than a simple re-palette, and have been given a Hue-Saturation shift in GIMP v2.8. In addition, Town Night Redone has been made to look more night-time-ish than the original version, and that has been carried over into its snow version.

Tile Count:
>Casualty Mine Snow (1490 tiles)
>Cave Story Redone (both 3140 tiles)
>Castle Snow (both 1120 tiles)
>All Town versions (1440 tiles)

Credits are as follows:
>Casualty Mine Snow – Gus for original tileset. Additional tiles are all taken from Big Landscape, except Yellow Gem, taken from Mystic Isle 2 (credits to MoonBlaze for that one)
>Cave Story Redone – szmol96 for original tileset; MoonBlaze, Kejero and Gus for additions. Conversion from cave story to Cave Story Redone possible because most of the original tiles have not been moved or altered.
>Castle Snow – BlurredD for original tileset, Gus for additions
>Town – Epic for original tileset, Gus for snow additions, Lark for the Dusk palette in Town Dusk Snow. No idea who made the Town Day palette, so can’t credit them.


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