Outrageously Orange V2.5

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11 Mar 2015 at 22:45 (Major update on 17 Jul 2016)

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TreyLina (More uploads by TreyLina)
All the playtesters, SE and PJ for the scripting, DJazz for the tileset & whoever made the music.
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
lhoo.zip (169.26 kB)

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lhoo.j2l Outrageously Orange V2.5 3.47 kB 18 Jul 2016
BlueOrange.j2t - Blue & Orange 20.97 kB 23 Nov 2009
melon.mod melon 205.46 kB 05 Feb 2011
lhoo.j2as 2.72 kB 18 Sep 2015


Everything is orange…even the pickups and coin reward! Collect 20 coins to use the utlimate weapon of destruction; The Orangeinator. You only get 10 pieces, so shoot wisely.

This level is recommended with 2 hearts and 10 players. The orange gun does one point of damage.

This was originally meant to be released on my birthday, with the top left and right orange pickups being shaped into a 2 and 0 to commemorate my 20th. Instead it turns out it would be released for the JDC 23 streetfight event.

Please play this level with other players before reviewing it. And preferably the recommended player amount.

EDIT: In time for the streetfight event and as I promised a couple of months ago, I updated this. Here’s the changes:
  • Jazzes uppercut is now directly buffed. It has a lower arming time, and goes faster and higher.
  • The one tile wide passages are now two tiles wide
  • The food pickups are no longer oranges to prevent confusion. They are now orange coloured pickups, like pizza, crisps and burgers.
  • Raised the self freeze pickups near the bottom “pit”, so now it’s less Lori biased.
  • Oranges now rotate as you shoot them.
  • Added a one way area near the middle blue springs. Theres an uppercut trick near there.
  • Made a few areas less cramped – most noticeably, the level being lowered down for a more open top.
  • A couple of self freezes were removed around the silver coins.
  • The warp near those silver coins will now always take you to the opposite side.

An extra thanks to SE for helping with the scripting! And PJ for letting me extract from his uppercut buff mutator.

EDIT 2: (Hopefully) One more update. It fixes some gripes others (and I) had with the level:
  • Removed all self freeze pickups that hindered movement rather than letting you take advantage of them. Should be much smoother to move around now.
  • Removed the warp gimmick. Using the bottom warps will now always take you to the top area – no need to self freeze! The old warps that took you to the other side weren’t so useful anyway.
  • Removed the orange food pickup at the right one tile passage. I had overlooked it.
  • Moved the gold coins inside the one tile passages. Previously they were below/beside the self freezes for the risk/reward factor. Now they’re gone, I put them in a new risky place.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.8

RecommendedRagnarok! rated 8.8

The Freezes are probably the coolest thing I’ve seen in a streetfight level… Not to mention the oranges…

I usually switch off at street fights but this was pretty cool.

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