Tubelectric Re-Remix

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29 Jun 2015 at 08:57 (Minor update on 29 Jun 2015)

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BunnyHat (More uploads by BunnyHat)
Robert Allen, Alexander Brandon
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tubebunny.s3m Tubelectric Re-Remix 490.30 kB 29 Jun 2015
tubebunny1.s3m Tubelectric Re-Remix 1 490.28 kB 29 Jun 2015


Short explanation: Probably the simplest remix of this song ever.

I wanted a version of Tubelectric from JJ2 that had a certain element of the JJ1 version included. I always missed the old song but liked the crispness of the JJ2 one. But I looked for something like this everywhere and couldn’t find it, so I decided to research a bit and ended up doing this remix (if you can call it that). I used OpenMPT to make this s3m file.

It’s a simple copy-paste really. The first half of the “tubebunny” song is the normal JJ2 Tubelectric, while the second half is still the JJ2 version but a bit modified with the parts that I missed from JJ1. I included the modified half in a separate file (tubebunny1) just in case you only want that part in your custom levels.

Maybe it can be improved, I don’t know since this is the first time I ever tried to modify a music file. Please do so if you feel like making a better remix of one of my favourite songs of Jazz Jackrabbit.

I hope you like it! ( ゚▽゚)/


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RecommendedScarXL rated 10

I think I’m going to replace my Tubelectric file with this one since it’s so well done. It sounds a lot better too. Fantastic job on this one!
10 +dl rec

RecommendedTanKanT rated 10

OwO <3

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RecommendedReview by Appels

20 Jul 2015, 17:35
CTF Bug (1 Points)
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First of all: Reviewing music modules is hard because you would need to form an opinion on something that is essentially just an individual preference. I can however, note any actual flaws in this one, which is none to be honest, it basically merged the SONG3.PSM’s last part with the JJ2 version of it (Tubelec.s3m). I actually was wanting to make this myself for a while, but as I am lazy I just didn’t bother to do it myself. I found absolutely no flaws in it.

So in short: Job well done, I loved it, and I am surely going to replace the original file with this one!

Also, the 9,7 is because I think only an original artist could get that :PP

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