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sAlAmAnDeR (More uploads by sAlAmAnDeR)
Various community members for helping me test it
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This is TriviaBot in mutator form. It asks trivia questions in your JJ2 server, and tracks people’s scores and ranks. The questions are stored in the trivia.asdat file, which is not downloaded so people cannot cheat and see the answers. You can add your own questions by editing the included trivia.asdat, which includes simple instructions for how to format them. It’s also been tweaked to be less “spammy.”

I also added a number of commands for administering the bot. Servers or clients with admin privileges can skip questions or categories, change the number of rounds, questions per round, or hints given. For a full list of commands, type “@help”.

Happy trivia playing.

Update 1: Fixed a bug in detecting tie games


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RecommendedSaVn rated 9

I like to answer questions by playing online.
I give this a 9!

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RecommendedReview by Foly

2 Nov 2015, 16:10 (edited 2 Nov 15, 16:11)
CTF Bug (6 Points)
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This is a really great mutator! Nowadays people mostly play ctf/duels, tests or chat around. For the last one this is a really nice addition since many times the trivia end up in hilarious idiotic situations where people randomly guess the answer or fail on one letter.

Some ideas that could be added are:

- Create a sepparate “gamemode” out of this where you can see the question in your screen, the time remaining for the question, the amount of letters/hints and a highscore,etc. You can see this all in the chat now so this is basically a visual upgrade.

- Some option that allows more people to get points by answering the question right. For example, show the right answer and give points only after 5 people guess it correct or don’t show an answer when noone got it right. Points could be either equal or given according to who answered first, but it’s a bit more fair for those who can’t answer that quickly.

- A team mode where the team gains points (and perhaps it’s also possible to see your score within your team). So suckers like me won’t have to lose all the time x)

Again, this is a great mutator and I thank sal for making it ;)

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