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Special thanks to Sir Ementaler for the scripted textured background fix. Also special thanks to all the testers!

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xlmmonopoly.j2l Jazzopoly 1.81 kB 20 Dec 2015
Top Secret.j2t Top secret ][ 84.16 kB 25 Aug 2008
endmono.s3m New beginning 123.12 kB 08 Feb 1996
xlmmonopoly.j2as 183.11 kB 28 Dec 2015


Here is a christmas present to the jj2 community by Superjazz/Vivando/CJ. It is probably the biggest single level I have ever made in the amount of work it needed. It is also a big step for me in writing more advanced angelscript alone. Many of you have probably already seen this level while it was a work in progress, but by now I think it is finally time to officially publish it.

This level is based on the concept of the famous board game, Monopoly.

However, the level is not the real Monopoly itself, and does not directly virtualize the original thing, but instead it is more a Jazz-themed version in a much smaller scale as well, thus the choice of name (although I could have as well named it XLMonopoly or something, which certainly would have caused some hilarious snoozerage aswell). This level does pay tribute to Monopoly by URJazz, and hence some of the property names, for example, were re-used here as well.

Well, what more can I say…the code isn’t as optimized as it could be. It could surely be written in a lot less of lines, but it should work well nonetheless. I started the work on this somewhere in the spring this year, so it has been in development for quite a while. The level makes a lot of use of some of the latest features added to the jj2 angelscript library, especially network communication streams.

Some of the features:

-Playable for 2-4 players simultaneously in non-splitscreen mode(the server can play as well). It should work even with only one player if you like that.
-You “sign up” for the game by pressing fire while not spectating when the level is cycled to. The 4 fastest players get to play before the game starts.
-The first player to sign up will have the ability to choose some options for the game. At the moment it’s possible to limit the time of turns(which causes longer syncing between turns though due to events in case of late roll), and the rounds to be played during the game.
-The last player to stand against bankrupty wins normally, but if there are more than one player in when the round-limit is exceeded, the “values” of the remaining players are counted and sorted (the owned properties, their upgrades, and the remaining coins are all summed up of each player)
-The map can be freely viewed by mouse in most situations
-Properties can be bought, sold and upgraded

Finally, I know people who saw the work previously asked for a lot of more features. However, I do not want to puff this project too much before I have actually seen the impact of my work and that I know that many more people are actually looking for more of this. I wish to receive some feedback on this, and whether or not people find it fun to play as it is already. Then maybe later, I can expand this or make another version if I can also find the time and motivation to continue it.

TL;DR: So, for those who are looking a little bit of change from the usual game modes in jj2, here is Jazzopoly! It has already been uploaded on Camel Duels servers, in case you cannot host it yourself, but would like to play. So what are you waiting for, challenge your friend(s) and play!

Also, if you spot any unexpected bugs or flaws, let me know and I’ll try to fix them asap, depending on how urgent they may be.

And finally, Merry Christmas!

EDIT1: Attempt to fix a bug with the podium. Should be working now.


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RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 9

The concept is well executed and results in a level totally unlike anything else you’ll play this year. It can appeal to both casual players and “hardcore” JJ2ers alike. While this virtual version of monopoly doesn’t quite have the same staying power as the original board game, just the fact that it can be played online is enough of a niche. D/L!

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