Mighty Switch Test!

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29 Dec 2015 at 10:09 (Minor update on 2 Feb 2016)

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Violet CLM (More uploads by Violet CLM)
Some original concepts by WayForward; music found by Trey; thanks to Sal and Trey for hosting; thanks to all the playtesters for playtesting
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SwitchTestV.j2l Mighty Switch Test! 23.31 kB 29 Dec 2015
SwitchTestV.j2t SwitchTestV 30.25 kB 23 Dec 2015
line_of_coherant_thought.it Line of Coherant Thought 253.78 kB 26 Oct 2013
SwitchTestV.j2as 32.95 kB 29 Dec 2015
SUCCESSF.WAV 49.25 kB 10 Nov 1996
TC_TRANS.WAV 69.04 kB 13 Dec 1996


NEW! Now with video walkthrough!

Have you ever looked at a dull, ordinary test level, with its random airboard sequences and endless helicopter descents and so on, and wished for something new?
Alternatively, have you ever looked at the Mighty Switch Force! games and wished they starred furry rabbits instead of nubile young women in skimpy outfits?
In either case, you’re in luck!

Set deep in the bowels of Tubelectric, Mighty Switch Test! is a difficult, lengthy test level that gives your otherwise largely useless fire key the power to remake the level around you. Blocks will switch from masked to unmasked and back again at the press of a key. Jump up through a tile, press fire, then land on it as a new floor. The farther you progress, the quicker you will have to be with your jumps, switches, morphs, and everything else, and the more new mechanics will be derived from the basic switching action. Can you beat all 24 Incidents and become the Mightiest Switcher of them all?

Additionally, Mighty Switch Test! puts a fresh spin on the traditional test structure of totally separated areas. As you progress through the Incidents, each new checkpoint you reach will become the new target of every warp in the level, allowing for non-linear level design that takes you through the same areas two or three times with slightly different parameters. Even if you spectate or !k, you will still be returned to the same Incident you were at beforehand.

Warning: This level is made entirely in MLLE and may become corrupted if saved in JCS. Also, this level has been changed since the version hosted online the other day—many Incidents have been made moderately less difficult, and it should be easier to figure out where to go next.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.4

Recommendedcooba rated 9

The first test with actual level design.

RecommendedBlackraptor rated 8.8

This is something I never expected: a test I actually enjoyed. While the skill level may be a bit high for filthy casuals like me (I only made it to lv8 so far), the balance between fun and frustration is well done. In particular I like how the test requires some thought to play. Also kind of irrelevant but visually this also looks nice.

Recommendedsnzspeed rated 9.2

This is fun. (Although frustrating too but in a way that is entertaining) Probably the best test level ever.

Not recommendedShakerNL rated 6

Nice challenges, but it’s too difficult for the average JJ2 player.

RecommendedRagnarok! rated 9

Just had the good pleasure of playing this for the first time.

Big fan!

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