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23 Dec 2016 at 15:48 (Minor update on 3 Jan 2017)

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Loon (More uploads by Loon)
Especially PJ for the edit of Colon and a few others who helped me through this.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
brownpackage.zip (4.13 MB)

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xlmcensored.j2l Pootropolis 26.76 kB 21 Dec 2016
xlmtoilettown.j2l Toilet Town 26.77 kB 21 Dec 2016
xlmuncensored.j2l Shittown 26.87 kB 21 Dec 2016
ICColon2FLn.j2t Colon 2 Fix Loon 177.44 kB 19 Dec 2016
Going_For_A_Side_Stroll.mp3 vinyl fun! 4095.96 kB 29 Nov 2016
xlmcensored.j2as 1.70 kB 19 Dec 2016
xlmtoilettown.j2as 1.70 kB 19 Dec 2016
xlmuncensored.j2as 1.70 kB 19 Dec 2016


An admin approved for this filename to be uploaded. I have included a ‘censored version’ aswell.

Oh well, here it is..
It has been over a year since I released something here, so it was about to time to do something about it. So I present you.. S**ttown, Pootroplis and Toilet Town!
And basically, all of these levels are the same..

So S**ttown is the original name and map of this ‘package’. Since I contacted an admin who said it might be offensive to anyone I decided to create a censored version, which is Pootropolis.

And since it was a pretty balanced map I also decided to create a CTF level. Well, the only major differences are CTF bases and 2 spots of seeker ammo removed.

Also, this is one of my entries for Trey’s Contest.

Merry Christmas folks! (And don’t forget I’m finished uploading maps =D ).


EDIT: Well, I think this level needs some explanation, so here it goes:
I was watching/playing South Park“The Stick Of Truth. In some part, you go into the sewers of South Park, where Mr. Hankey lives. And I was like ‘Huh, I think I can build a city in the sewers aswell in Jazz Jackrabbit!’ But I came to a conclusion that the tileset didn’t let me so I contacted PJ for a remake of Colon, and praise him for doing that for me <3. Well, I just got a crazy idea and I fully focussed on that, and S**ttown is the result (due to the lack of a better name.. (Or I just didn’t want to because I wanted to push boundaries with levelnames..))


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RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 8.0

I’m not a fan of the campy placement of the Seek PU; otherwise this is a decent level with a rather surreal theme. Visually there’s some interesting ideas going on although it does look a bit contrived in places. The layout seems to work better as a CTF level as it’s more or less semi-symmetrical. I like how the base areas are designed.

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