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23 Dec 2016 at 15:48 (Minor update on 3 Jan 2017)

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Re-upload/Edit Level
Loon (More uploads by Loon)
Especially PJ for the edit of Colon and a few others who helped me through this.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
brownpackage.zip (4.13 MB)

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xlmcensored.j2l Pootropolis 26.76 kB 21 Dec 2016
xlmtoilettown.j2l Toilet Town 26.77 kB 21 Dec 2016
xlmuncensored.j2l Shittown 26.87 kB 21 Dec 2016
ICColon2FLn.j2t Colon 2 Fix Loon 177.44 kB 19 Dec 2016
xlmcensored.j2as 1.70 kB 19 Dec 2016
xlmtoilettown.j2as 1.70 kB 19 Dec 2016
xlmuncensored.j2as 1.70 kB 19 Dec 2016
Going_For_A_Side_Stroll.mp3 4095.96 kB 29 Nov 2016


An admin approved for this filename to be uploaded. I have included a ‘censored version’ aswell.

Oh well, here it is..
It has been over a year since I released something here, so it was about to time to do something about it. So I present you.. S**ttown, Pootroplis and Toilet Town!
And basically, all of these levels are the same..

So S**ttown is the original name and map of this ‘package’. Since I contacted an admin who said it might be offensive to anyone I decided to create a censored version, which is Pootropolis.

And since it was a pretty balanced map I also decided to create a CTF level. Well, the only major differences are CTF bases and 2 spots of seeker ammo removed.

Also, this is one of my entries for Trey’s Contest.

Merry Christmas folks! (And don’t forget I’m finished uploading maps =D ).


EDIT: Well, I think this level needs some explanation, so here it goes:
I was watching/playing South Park“The Stick Of Truth. In some part, you go into the sewers of South Park, where Mr. Hankey lives. And I was like ‘Huh, I think I can build a city in the sewers aswell in Jazz Jackrabbit!’ But I came to a conclusion that the tileset didn’t let me so I contacted PJ for a remake of Colon, and praise him for doing that for me <3. Well, I just got a crazy idea and I fully focussed on that, and S**ttown is the result (due to the lack of a better name.. (Or I just didn’t want to because I wanted to push boundaries with levelnames..))


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RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 8.0

I’m not a fan of the campy placement of the Seek PU; otherwise this is a decent level with a rather surreal theme. Visually there’s some interesting ideas going on although it does look a bit contrived in places. The layout seems to work better as a CTF level as it’s more or less semi-symmetrical. I like how the base areas are designed.

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