Forest Swamp

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31 Dec 2016 at 16:50 (Major update on 16 May 2020)

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FireSworD (More uploads by FireSworD)
Levels: Me and some help from PurpleJazz. Tilesets: "Swamps of the Sleeping Jaguar" Day and Night versions by Agama, "Carrottus" by Epic, "Omen Woods" by LMAT, edits by myself, IC and others. Music: "Rainforest" by Jakim, "Nagomi Passage" by Michiel Van Den Bos. Scripts: PurpleJazz and I. Thanks to all of the other testers and supporters, particularly PurpleJazz.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
Forest (2.07 MB)

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fs.j2l Forest Swamp 47.23 kB 15 May 2020
fsn.j2l Forest Swamp [Night] 48.09 kB 15 May 2020
A_CarrFIXday.j2t A_Carrotus_FIX_Day 228.88 kB 05 Apr 2018
icjungn.j2t Jungle 2.0 Night 286.88 kB 16 Apr 2016
OWMist.j2t LMAT: OW Mist 198.34 kB 05 Apr 2018
SwampsD.j2t Swamps Day 196.30 kB 31 Aug 2019
SwampsN.j2t Swamps Night 195.30 kB 06 Apr 2019
Journey.s3m IMPMNagomi Passage (Day) 542.95 kB 05 Apr 2020
fs.j2as 8.11 kB 15 May 2020
fsn.j2as 8.10 kB 15 May 2020
jk_rainforest.mo3 256.69 kB 19 Apr 2017
rain9.wav 171.99 kB 05 Apr 2020
MLLE-Include-1.5.asc 12.62 kB 07 Apr 2020
fs-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 15.87 kB 15 May 2020
fsn-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 15.89 kB 15 May 2020


The theme of the levels is exactly what you might expect. Complete with natural land bridges, ledges, giant trees etc.

Forest Swamp’s ideal player amount is like 5-16 players, but other player amounts should work.

All content in these levels is fictional or heavily based on reality.

I hope you have fun!

EDIT: The previous update should have been the last, but I noticed an innumerable amount of issues thanks to anniversary bash 22. Fixed very many tile-bugs, flow issues, adjusted ammo/powerups, and made the soil/rocks have a more consistent appearance overall.

I updated this level wayyyyy too much. If you don’t like that, be gald that I probably dislike updating this more than you.

Thanks to MLLE, I was able to better execute Forest Swamp into what I intended. If you use Agama’s Swamps, I strongly recommend using it as well, mainly because of the tile issues, masks etc.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.8

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 8.5

While the EC tends to look slightly contrived in places, most likely as a result of FS’ desire to use every tile in the set, it has a solid overall look and a strong atmosphere that lives up to the theme of the tileset. Gameplaywise it’s perhaps not as tight as ARF but is nonetheless well made and suitable for games of up to 16 players.

RecommendedJelly Jam rated 9

The eyecandy and layer work is probably the best part, but it seems to have nice gameplay as well.

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