Skyward Showdown

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19 Apr 2017 at 22:26 (Minor update on 19 Apr 2017)

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PurpleJazz (More uploads by PurpleJazz)
Capture the flag
Everyone who provided feedback on the level in its various stages of development. Special thanks to Sir Ementaler for his help with the script.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)

File contents

xlmskyward.j2l Skyward Showdown 29.62 kB 19 Apr 2017
xlmskywardex.j2l Camera Mode 2.36 kB 16 Apr 2017
xlmskywardex2.j2l Other Stuff 2.49 kB 17 Apr 2017
OdysseySky.j2t Odyssey Sky 126.21 kB 09 Apr 2017
xlmskyward.j2as 26.23 kB 19 Apr 2017
KR-SkyScraper.ogg 1071.90 kB 17 Jul 2006
EXPSTD3.WAV 29.52 kB 02 May 1999
FTURROCK.WAV 17.21 kB 12 May 1999
redeemer_flight.wav 56.80 kB 09 Apr 2017
SHIPHUMS.WAV 178.31 kB 29 Jul 1998
wind1.wav 115.94 kB 10 Apr 2017


A vast battlefield in the skies awaits you. You will learn to hop from ship to ship, take a ride on an airboard and potentially come face to face with some serious firepower. Best enjoyed with a lot of players – the more the merrier!


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.2

RecommendedBlackraptor rated 8.8

I think you did a great job on this, the layout is solid and I like the approach you took with the eyecandy. The redeemer is gimmicky but a lot of fun to use in populated servers. I don’t know if this is your best map but it’s certainly one of my favorites and I look forward to seeing it in future bashes and JDC events

RecommendedJelly Jam rated 9.5

Simply amazing use of this (edited) tileset. I really like the purple rockets and it’s very fun to move around the map.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 9

RecommendedReview by Stijn

21 Apr 2017, 14:10 (edited 21 Apr 17, 15:44)
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (432 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings271 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness85%

The level itself is good, layout-wise nothing very much out of the ordinary but quite solid, reminiscent of larger symmetrical levels like Medieval Skyscrapers with a few twists of its own like the pits at the bottom and the shields. Visually it’s a bit uneven; the background looks amazing and much of the rest too but the floating space ships (?) in the middle look less appealing.

The big gimmick of this level is obviously its superweapon, the Redeemer; a remote-controlled high-damage missile of which both teams get one and that respawns very slowly. It’s hard to say what its impact in a “serious” game can be as it is something you’d need to build new strategies around – my hunch is that it may be a bit too hard to outrun for how easy it is to control but maybe a skilled player will be able to deal with it more effectively, especially given the protection shields give. Either way it’s an addition that will make this level a lot of fun to play in JDC events and the like; it’s big enough for large teams and the redeemer adds a fun dimension to any game played in the level, though for extra mayhem you may want to make it spawn more often.

Worth checking out at least for the Redeemer, and also because it’s just a solid CTF level. Great work!

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