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1 Jul 2017 at 09:01 (Minor update on 1 Jul 2017)

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Violet CLM (More uploads by Violet CLM)
sprites ripped from various Megaman games by whoever created their respective sheets on Spriters Resource

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weaponMega-Readme.txt 2.98 kB 30 Jun 2017
weaponMega.mut Weapon Mega: ALL 0.50 kB 31 May 2017
weaponMega1.mut Weapon Mega: Boomerang 2.13 kB 30 May 2017
weaponMega2.mut Weapon Mega: Burrower 2.89 kB 30 May 2017
weaponMega3.mut Weapon Mega: Ice Cloud 2.58 kB 30 Jun 2017
weaponMega4.mut Weapon Mega: Pathfinder 3.95 kB 30 Jun 2017
weaponMega5.mut Weapon Mega: Backfire 1.97 kB 31 May 2017
weaponMega6.mut Weapon Mega: Crackerjack 2.77 kB 30 Jun 2017
weaponMega7.mut Weapon Mega: Gravity Well 2.82 kB 30 Jun 2017
weaponMega8.mut Weapon Mega: Voranj 2.50 kB 30 Jun 2017
weaponMega9.mut Weapon Mega: Meteor 1.70 kB 30 Jun 2017
weaponMega.j2a 24.65 kB 30 May 2017
weaponMega.asc 4.52 kB 30 Jun 2017


“Weapon Mega” is a series of nine alternate weapons, generally themed around attacking enemies in multiplayer who are not immediately in front of you and/or making it dangerous for enemies to directly pursue you. Due to the similarity in their functions, you may not necessarily want to enable all nine at once (“/mutators weaponmega on”), so you are also given the option to pick and choose from them individually (e.g. “/mutators weaponmega7 on”).

A readme is provided with terse instructions for how you might want to use each one strategically. Custom pickup/powerup sprites are not included because I don’t have the energy for that right now. Developed for cooba’s contest.

These mutators are designed to be the lowest priority replacement weapons for their respective slots, e.g. if you are running a level whose .j2as replaces Gun3, and another (alphabetically earlier) mutator that replaces Gun8, then Weapon Mega will leave both of those alone.


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RecommendedReview by Killer NC

20 Mar 2020, 16:24
CTF Bug (2 Points)
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Cool weapons I can use them in my server and they are actually made in AngleScript
So .. I want to tell you something about them ..

First the blaster… It is about a fire that when you shoot it, it comes back to you, cool weapon

Second thr bouncer, it is like a digging machine that when you shoot it, it digs the ground, and it becomes unseen that makes the player have a hit without knowing why he had this hit. However, It is cool to make in a server.

Third the freezer, it looks like a flame weapon but freezes instead of toasting the player, but the bug in it that it finishes quickly, but I forgive this detail.

Forth the seeker, it looks like an electric fire that goes to a certain area then it increases in length if speed is fast.

Then the RF, it goes from two directions on left and right, so the player has known how to shoot to down.

Now the toaster is changed to a ring of bombs, that is cool for throwing the player away instead of running away from him.

The TNT, is changed to an area like the hurt event in JCS. Like a spike thing or another…

Now the fireball, it becomes multiple when comes to a certain area (like 1—2——4)

Finally the electro blaster (And it is the best one if them)
It is about a fire of electricity that goes up then goes down like a rocket, it is cool that you can fight of a masked wall.

So final rating is 8.0


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