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4 Sep 2017 at 17:57 (Minor update on 6 Sep 2019)

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Stijn (More uploads by Stijn)
Thanks to the people in my own and in JDC's server who offered valuable feedback.
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Ever joined a server hosting a level you weren’t familiar with? Did the game end before you even managed to figure out where the red base or seeker powerup were? This mutator aims to address that frustration. Press F1 in-game to open the level guide, which shows a map of the level with important items and locations marked on it. You can then click the locations to view them in more detail, or just cycle through all locations with the arrow keys.

The mutator supports all game modes JJ2+ and vanilla JJ2 support; it also tries to detect boxlessbr.mut, but requires an edited version of it that offers a PublicInterface.

It is recommended to host this together with something like spawncounter.mut, to avoid situations where someone checks the location of a carrot or powerup while it was just taken by someone else.

Update v1.1b, 6 September 2019

- Fix wrong player position in levels with significant empty space at the left of layer 4 (thanks, Seren)

Update v1.1, 12 May 2018

- CTF base icons now correspond to the base’s team colour

- Added some preliminary support for szmol’s Onslaught mutator

- Clarified some comments

- Fixed small bug with the icons for Domination control points


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RecommendedJelly Jam rated 10

This mutator is both fun and useful. It’s really handy especially in giant levels.

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