Christmas Fever (Updated)

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13 Jun 2018 at 16:47 (Minor update on 23 Feb 2022)

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Auto1lija (More uploads by Auto1lija)
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holidaylvl.j2l Christmas Fever 2.53 kB 13 Jun 2018


A small level where Jazz and his friends must go through a snowy mountain and a deep cave.

Update notes: Crash fixed, added a exit sign and a cave to go in at the end.


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Bloody_Body rated 3

This level is slightly bigger than your previous one, “Easter Madness”. But I didn’t notice any real improvements in levelmaking. I adivce you to open one of original levels in your JCS and to analyse its properties, especially eyecandy.
Btw, did you know that you can re-upload your already existing level instead of uploading it again and again?

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Review by happygreenfrog

14 Jun 2018, 16:43
CTF Bug (6 Points)
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This is a nice improvement over the previous version. More eye candy and somewhat better enemy placement, the background no longer being glitchy, and somewhat more of an indication as to what you’re supposed to do are all notable improvements. Still some lingering issues, such as some remaining tile bugs, the eye candy could still be better, and the level still feels a bit meh from a conceptual standpoint.

Though I didn’t mention this last time, it’s also fairly short. Ideally, a level should usually be long enough to have at least one checkpoint, and while the lack of checkpoints is its own issue here, it’s also an understandable one since the stage is quite frankly too short to have room for one (though if it was even slightly longer/larger a checkpoint could probably be justified, it’s somewhat close to the border in that regard).

That all being said, I’d recommend moving on to making a new stage. At this point, I think any effort spent fixing the remaining issues would be effort better put into making a new stage.

Maybe next you could focus on trying to make a stage with some kind of gimmick usage? Something like “here’s a level where most of the non-spikey floor is swinging platforms (the exceptions being checkpoints, the very start, and the very end)” or “here’s a level where you use bouncers to break the floor while avoiding accidentally freeing the enemies”. I recommend not using those exact ideas though, they’d probably be pretty bland by themselves. Be creative, and come up with something of your own design!

That all being said, definitely don’t let my rating discourage you from making more levels! I think you should keep making levels, you’re very much on the right track to making something good if this level compared to your previous one (and compared to the old version of this one) is anything to go by. :)

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