Ürdüng Chronicles #2

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12 Jul 2018 at 23:39 (Minor update on 14 Jul 2018)

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FarkasUrdung (More uploads by FarkasUrdung)
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Farkas Ürdüng

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Ur1x10.j2l Len az utsz 14.72 kB 12 Jul 2018
Ur1x11.j2l Vazul n?ni itt j?rt 15.87 kB 12 Jul 2018
Ur1x20.j2l Mag?nk?v?li Kalandok 18.28 kB 13 Jul 2018
Ur1x21.j2l S?rk?nykerget?k 9.25 kB 16 Jun 2018
Ur1x30.j2l Haj?roncsok 33.91 kB 13 Jul 2018
COLON2.IT Medivo 758.80 kB 31 Dec 2017
cover.jpg 87.97 kB 12 Jul 2018
UrdungColony.jpg 74.51 kB 12 Jul 2018
UrdungPsyche.jpg 88.31 kB 12 Jul 2018
UrdungUnderwater.jpg 88.03 kB 11 Jul 2018


The continuation of my previous level pack. Colony, Psyche, and Beach levels are included.
Do not use Lori.

The texts are in Hungarian and are unrelated to the levels.

The 2 Colony levels are normal length levels. The tileset is very limited, so I experimented with the manhole cover (used it as transition between floors of buildings).
Psyche day is longer and there’s alternate routes, and some evilly placed caterpillars.
Psych night is intended as a Far Out tribute and feels a bit unnecessary to me, but you’ll see.
Beach is only 1 large level (the largest in the set). I felt that Beach is already exhausted in one level, so I didn’t make a second.

Fix: There was a sprite overload error caused by the bubblers set to 15 on the final level. (TNT wouldn’t appear when used.) 2 people downloaded the pack before this fix.


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RecommendedReview by Bloody_Body

17 Jul 2018, 19:49 (edited 23 Jul 18, 21:04)
Bee Boy Swarm (36 Points)
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Original quick review: When I saw a new SP release by this author I thought that I’m about to write a full review. But this time gameplay was pretty standart and I found it diffucult to write much. I would say one thing – the levels are fine and relaxing. I would give this upload a DR in order to help it become more popular. Maybe I’ll write a more thorough review later.

Well, now I’ll try to write a full review.

This is a remake of “Jazz in Time” episode. So, I’d like to compare this episode to it’s original prototype. In fact all of the levels of Ürdüng Chronicles #2 are bigger than original ones. The size of the first levels in JCS can be the same as the size of original levels, but they have more playing space and thus it takes more time to complete them.

First two colonius levels are comparetively linear but the further we go the more chances we have to lose our way. The last level is the biggest one and it may take some time to find your way through it. At the end you encounter Utherus Boss. Due to small size of arena and the presence of water in it it’s slightly harder to defeat him than in original episode.

What I liked

- There are a lot of secrets in each level. It’s not easy to collect all the coins you need to get access to bonus area, so if you wanna kill time you can try this challenge.

- It’s a little bit more difficult than original episode.

- I liked the eyecandy. Everything is tidy, tiles fit each other well. I aslo liked some original decisions like manholes between the floors of houses.

What I disliked

- Couple of times I had to use JCS to find the way. You may get lost and find yourself wandering for a long time especially in 3-rd and 5-th levels. It may make you feel bored of gameplay’s repeatability. However, if you’re more attentive than I am, you’ll probably be able to use arrows to navigate the level.


If you’re tired and sleepy, if you wanna have some rest or you need to kill the time, this episode is for you. I reckon this episode deserves firm 8.0 and a DR.

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