Yamato Castle

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26 Sep 2018 at 10:19

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Violet CLM (More uploads by Violet CLM)
Single player

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fspii8.zip (704.83 kB)

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FSPII8.j2l Yamato Castle 21.90 kB 26 Sep 2018
ClawSet1.j2t Claw Set 1 114.25 kB 24 Feb 2000
castleboss.it Castle Boss 681.98 kB 17 Aug 2002
FSPII8.j2as 1.12 kB 26 Sep 2018


A ten-year-old (almost to the day) single player level, the only non-demo level ever completed for FSP2. Modified only to remove a section that had become unplayable because it relied on a bug fixed by JJ2+, and to add a quick script that makes coins remain collected after death (and be shared by all local coop players).


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RecommendedReview by SmokeNC

6 Oct 2018, 01:19
CTF Bug (7 Points)
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Yamato castle uses tiles from Captain Claw (and used excellently) which is an instant plus for me.
The music in the level is also great.
You have to collect 20 coins spread throughout the map and submit them to the judges in order to win. Took me some time but I eventually won (around 1 week before this review). The coin counter at the left upper corner is a nice addition. Carrots/food/gems were well placed throughout the map (thank god for that ICE PU).

Overall the layout and areas were fun and the visuals were a pleasure. The level isn’t easy but it’s worth giving it a shot.

But I’d like to list some WTF moments:

-There was only one coin which was inside a wall (next to a spinning spikeball) which I couldn’t figure out how to get without jjnowall/jjfly.

-At some point you will become a frog and the way to unfrog back (figured out after a couple of deaths) is to fall into a PIT that warps you to eva. What makes it worse is that the arrows (in the area where you play as a frog) point to the OPPOSITE direction of where that pit is located.

-There were 2 coins which when you got close to them the screen would show an IMMENSE annoying light

-I thought the sucker on top of the switch puzzle had anything to do with it, like having a trigger in it or something (the raven out there made it even worse)

-the boss is kinda WTF, mainly because of the camera, but I don’t blame a 10 year old level

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