Tubelectric from Jazz 1

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1 Apr 2020 at 23:41 (Minor update on 4 Apr 2020)

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proud2beamerican (More uploads by proud2beamerican)
Tileset conversion
Cliff Bleszinski, NOKA, VioletCLM, Nick Stadler. Software used: GIMP. Music: Electrica by DJ Joge
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)

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J1Tubelex.j2l Tubelex 22.16 kB 01 Apr 2020
J1Tubelec.j2t J1 Tubelec 255.82 kB 23 Mar 2017
Electrica.mod electrica 398.57 kB 21 Feb 2005
J1Tubelex.j2as 0.23 kB 01 Apr 2020
J1Tubelec.MLLESet 0.90 kB 31 Mar 2020
J1Tubelex-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 11.19 kB 01 Apr 2020


Howdy! This is Tubelec from JJ1. It was inspired by the existing conversion made by NOKA and by Mighty Switch by VioletCLM. Even though similar, lots of items were redrawn by me.

100% of this tileset was made in GIMP (great software, highly recommend it! ;-)

Every single tile in this set has a purpose. For example, the reason for tiles on the brown brick background is simply this: shadows. (You still need to use other layers for those backgrounds btw). Hopefully the example level will help you understand the use of the set! :D

Regarding MLLE’s Smart Tiles: “Outline Surface” is the only ideal sprite for it. Highly recommend using it! Couldn’t come up with any good solutions for the rest of the sprites.

ALSO: I have been working for years on a HUGE level using this set. If anyone would be interested in helping me please let me know. Seren has already made some magic and there is a custom script supporting bigger amount of animations. Ideally I’d need someone skilled in AngelScript who would make the level more interesting.



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RecommendedRagnarok! rated 10

a perfect 10

highly recommended by someone who has used the NOKA conversion for several completed levels in the past, and kicking himself that this didnt exist back then

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