The Abyss

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4 Apr 2020 at 08:10 (Minor update on 24 Oct 2021)

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PurpleJazz (More uploads by PurpleJazz)
Special thanks to Ragnarok for assisting me with the layout and general level design. Additional thanks to cooba, FawFuL, Seren, TreyLina, FireSworD, Superjazz, Jelly Jam, Smoke and Loon for their helpful feedback.
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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ezabyss.j2l The Abyss 22.30 kB 24 Oct 2021
BattleshipsO.j2t Battleships Ocean 142.75 kB 04 Apr 2020
BubbleGun-mlle.j2a 3.32 kB 02 Sep 2021
ezabyss.j2as 15.02 kB 24 Oct 2021
BubbleGun.asc 1.84 kB 02 Sep 2021
invisibilitycarrot.asc 2.31 kB 31 Mar 2020
MLLE-Weapons.asc 47.25 kB 14 Nov 2019
SEweapon.asc 14.07 kB 04 Apr 2020
x14_haista_poks.mo3 241.10 kB 02 Mar 2017
amb_puls.wav 186.07 kB 02 Mar 1999
caveambience3.wav 54.43 kB 10 Apr 2017
fan_sm4.wav 62.86 kB 24 May 1999
mloop2.wav 172.63 kB 15 Jun 1999
MLLE-Include-1.5w.asc 13.16 kB 24 Oct 2021
ezabyss-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 9.13 kB 24 Oct 2021


Small-medium battle level set in a submarine research laboratory on the deep ocean floor.

While sunlight barely manages to penetrate these great depths, nonetheless some hardy marine organisms are known to thrive down here. Numerous types of fish inhabit this reef, including some rare species that have only been recorded in a handful of other localities.

As a challenge for anyone with a keen eye for research, see if you can identify and document all 13 different species of fish that live here (with screenshots)!

This level is recommended for 2-10 players, but could potentially accommodate more.


EDIT 24/10/2021: Adjusted the right carrot to make it easier to take when going up through the vent.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.8

RecommendedFawFul rated 9.5

One of the most professionally made levels to ever come out. Aesthatically this level sets the bar for levelmaking higher than ever before. A good working layout for this levelsize is expected and is indeed solid. Gameplay and visuals go hand-in-hand here. PurpleJazz is one of the few leveldesigners that pays attention to every necessary detail.

RecommendedDragusela rated 10

I Love this level

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