The Underworld

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5 May 2020 at 21:54 (Minor update on 5 May 2020)

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PurpleJazz (More uploads by PurpleJazz)
Capture the flag
Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the level when it was under construction.
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xlmunderworld.j2l The Underworld 9.59 kB 05 May 2020
wbrg.j2t Where Bad Rabbits Go 49.07 kB 22 Feb 2017
Mindwalker.xm <unnamed> 830.29 kB 19 Sep 1999


This is a now very old CTF level I recently found on my hard drive, dating back from around early 2007. It was never previously released, so for historical purposes I figured I might as well upload it to J2O since it is in a complete state and sufficiently playable. However, due to its age I am disabling the ratings, although feel free to comment on the level if you so wish, keeping in mind it is designed with 2007-era sensibilities.



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Review by Violet CLM

26 Dec 2020, 23:27
I might as well work here (539 Points)
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I’m always wary of WBRG levels because they run the risk of being brightly colored monstrosities where I can’t tell my rabbit from the sky, but the simple measures of diminished lighting and a translucent black background layer work wonders here. This does, though, reduce the number of available layers to the point that all the chains move at 1/1 speed, and frequently confuse me into thinking they’re vines. Oh well.

CTF levels tend to be pretty horizontal, what with there being one base on the left and one on the right and all that, so it’s neat to see such a vertical focus here. Lots of chimneys break up the larger platforms, mostly with blue or green springs at the bottoms, so you spend a lot of time bouncing or falling around. That provides a lot of opportunities for taking opponents by surprise as you suddenly enter their field of vision from above or below. It might be nice if there were a toaster powerup for spraying wildly around you as you bounce. The very-hard-to-reach seeker powerup in the middle is seemingly the only use for the electroblaster ammo—nothing else in the layout obviously invites its use—but this doesn’t actually strike me as the most seeker-encouraging level.

Sadly, a lot of little bits do kind of bother me. There’s an unfortunate masking issue at 106,42 that messes with the usefulness of the nearby spring. Some sucker tubes and alcoves don’t make obvious layout sense to me. There’s some weird layer 3 usage near the right base. But there’s a fair bit to like here as a CTF level that doesn’t just paint by numbers.

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