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25 May 2020 at 10:36 (Minor update on 21 Feb 2021)

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brinko ikamo (More uploads by brinko ikamo)
Hotel Dreams.j2l
Brinko (1.8 MB)

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Tbrinko.j2l Brinko 4.15 kB 18 Jun 2020
HotelDream Normal.j2t HotelDream Normal 128.39 kB 22 Sep 2007
hoteldream.j2t Hotel Dream 139.29 kB 17 Dec 2020
Go Go Down 1995.96 kB 03 Jan 2021




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RecommendedDominator rated N/A

tileset “facepalm”
(EDIT: Rating removed—the rating has no connection to the recommendation, which has no connection to the review text, which has no connection to the upload. -Violet)

Recommended[CDF]Ninja rated 10

Gj brinko but hard tst wtf rly hard

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Not recommendedReview by Stijn

26 May 2020, 10:55
Auto-Reviewing Zombie (456 Points)
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Perhaps Dominator was referring to the tileset not being included in the download, because it isn’t. You should include tilesets that don’t come with the game in the zip file you submit to Jazz2Online.

This test is very generic, with the big hits – airboard maze, precise jumps, wallclimbing, RF climbing, you know the drill. It also doesn’t make much of an effort to look nice, and while it is commendable to not use a variation on Top Secret 3 yet again, this level uses Hotel Dream as if it were Top Secret 3, simply using tiles as blocks without any consideration to whether they were meant to be placed together or not. It does, curiously, seem to have a story (here it is in full: “Your Grandmother needs a medicine Go get it to her”) which is a cool twist. Unfortunately not much is done with that, though along the way you will visit a ‘hospital’ to pick up the medicine.

The description says ‘I saw everyone made a test then I said to do one too’ which is not necessarily a bad idea but to a large extent what happened is that the same test that everyone else already made was made again. There’s nothing new here (except for that minimal attempt at a ‘story’) and unless you have made it your life goal to complete every test under the sun there is no reason to play this.

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Review by brinko ikamo

25 May 2020, 10:41
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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